Women pursue disgraced footballer Adam Johnson with stream of letters sent to him in jail

Former Sunderland soccer player Adam Johnson has started a six-year jail sentence.

Former Sunderland soccer player Adam Johnson has started a six-year jail sentence.

Disgraced English footballer Adam Johnson is reportedly being bombarded with letters and photos from women as he starts his prison sentence on a child sex conviction.

The 28-year-old former Sunderland and England star has been jailed for six years for sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl.

Yet the Express newspaper in Britain reports that women are still trying to contact him behind bars with prison guards vetting a steady stream of mail, allegedly including "racy" photos and requests to visit him in jail.

During Johnson's lengthy and well-publisiced trial  it was revealed that Johnson exchanged explicit images with women, some of whom he was having affairs with.

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During the trial at Bradford Crown Court, psychologist Dr Philip Hopley, suggested Johnson's sex addiction was fuelled by his privileged position.

Dr Hopley, who has been counselling Johnson, revealed that women continued to be infatuated with the footballer even after his arrest was made public.

That doesn't seem to have slowed down with his imprisonment.

At the weekend it was revealed his former girlfriend Stacey Flounders plans to visit Johnson at HM Prison Leeds in Armley with their daughter, eager for the child to maintain contact with her father.

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