Time off refreshes Lydia Ko for big two weeks

11:41, Aug 07 2014
REFRESHED: After a two week break, Kiwi golfer Lydia Ko is ready for two big tournaments over the next fortnight.
REFRESHED: After a two week break, Kiwi golfer Lydia Ko is ready for two big tournaments over the next fortnight.

After a fortnight off, Lydia Ko says she's prepared for a major couple of weeks ahead - starting tomorrow morning.

The last time Ko teed it up on the LPGA Tour she chalked her seventh professional tournament victory and simultaneously took her rookie season earnings past the million dollar mark.

Despite taking a break from competition for the last two weeks, Ko is optimistic she remains in form and is ready for the start of the LPGA Classic in Michigan tomorrow - and more importantly, is ready for the LPGA Championship the following week where a win would see her become the youngest major champion in history.

''I don't feel like I need to play the week before a major. It was kind of good going into the US Open to watch the men's tournament first, that was kind of a different experience.

"I don't mind playing or not playing, but I kind of thought this is a great event to play and that's why I'm really excited for it to start,'' Ko said at a press conference overnight.

Heading into the LPGA Classic this week, Ko says her practice schedule has been light, having played a couple of informal rounds.


But, the fact the event is a new addition to the LPGA schedule could level the playing field for the 17-year-old tour rookie, with her fellow professionals also having to learn the nuances of the Blythefield Country Club as they go.

''I got to have a proper practice round yesterday and played my pro-am earlier.  The course is in really good condition, the greens are really pure and after a little bit of the rain and thunderstorm on Monday, I think the course is really showing what it's got,'' she said.

''I don't feel like it's an advantage not playing here before. It's kind of more weird that the others also haven't played the course. That's why when I came in I couldn't really ask someone, 'oh, is the rough this tall or what is it like?'

''I guess it's why everyone's working hard, trying to know the course as soon as possible. I guess they're kind of having a rookie experience of this course.

''I guess I'll learn more about it as the days go on, but I've got the notes I need so far and hopefully it will be good for now. Day one starts tomorrow and I'm really excited about it.''

As for her fortnight off, Ko says she spent it with her peers at Universal Studios and also treated herself with some of her million-dollar earnings.

''I bought myself a big stereo, so a little bit of that's gone now. But yeah, you know, I don't really feel like a normal millionaire. When you talk about it and you talk about others, you go oh, there's a millionaire.

''But for me I just feel like a normal player on tour and I've been just having fun,'' she said.

''I kind of had that first week off so I really enjoyed just having that whole week off. Universal Studios really topped it off, just being able to see kind of the movies come to life and kind of experiencing part of it, that was pretty cool.''