Warriors CEO confirms Elliott's resignation

13:53, Apr 07 2014

Warriors chief executive Wayne Scurrah insists Matt Elliott resigned as the club's coach and wasn't sacked.

After just five games into the new season Elliott has been replaced by Andrew McFadden, a former assistant coach at the club. McFadden has been appointed for the rest of this season.

The Warriors press release stated that the club's chairman, Bill Wavish, accepted Elliott's resignation and acknowledged Elliott's personal qualities, skill and intellect.

UNCHANGED: Warriors coach Andrew McFadden has named the same 17 which hammered the Knights to take on South Sydney in Perth on Saturday night.

"I have learned a lot from Matt and am saddened that he has made this decision," Wavish said.

"It speaks volumes of his character and integrity and I personally wish him well."

However, Elliott has used the social media platform, Instagram, to shed further light on what happened.


@desmond_t13 wrote: Didn't think you were the person to give up. You didn't last year after that 62 thrashing by penrith (sic), very dissapointed you gave up so early in the season. Good luck on your future very sad to see you leave.

Elliott responded saying, "understand the language used gave the impression I chose not to say (sic). Be assurred I don't give up."

Elliott later confirmed he meant to write 'stay' instead of 'say'.

Scurrah is sticking to the line that Elliott resigned, but wouldn't go into details when speaking to the media at Mt Smart Stadium today.

"I wasn't there. Matt had a meeting with our chairman, Matt offered to resign and that was accepted by Bill Wavish," Scurrah said.

He refused to say whether Warriors' co-owners Sir Owen Glenn and Eric Watson were involved in Elliott's departure.

"I know what's going on in the club. I'm not going to talk about that, all I can tell you are the facts," Scurrah said.

"Matt resigned, he wants what's best for the club, I spoke to him last night.

"He's disappointed, not only that he's not the head coach, but more about where the club is in terms of results, not only this season but the tail end of last year and we set some lofty goals.

"We're putting millions of dollars more into the club, even than we were two years ago and we're setting ourselves high expectations."

Scurrah also rejected the suggestion that Elliott's departure was caused by a player revolt, where senior players at the club told Scurrah they wanted Elliott out.

"I was at a players meeting this morning and everyone at the club knows we've made a lot of progress under Matt," he said.

"Matt has given 100 per cent, but at the end of the day though we're measured on NRL results, that's what I'm measured on and it's what every player and person in the club is.

"So there wasn't any player revolt, but equally, I can tell you everyone who works under me doesn't agree with my style and the way I run things either. That's life, whether it's playing football or running a company."

When asked why Elliott had chosen to resign, Scurrah said: "Matt set some targets himself and we haven't met those targets."

Scurrah was then asked if those targets were about where the club should be after five games and again he refused to answer.

"I'm not going to go into those details, but at the end of the day, Matt's resigned and Andrew's the coach."

Scurrah said everyone at the club was disappointed with how the season had gone so far and it was better to act now rather than later.

"From my point of view, we're not where I wanted us to be either. But we've got to get on with it," he said.

"We've got the whole season in front of us pretty much and we're certainly not out of the competition.

"But nor did we want to be in a position late in the season where it's too late for these decisions to be made by either Matt or the club.

"We're pushing on to make the finals, that's what we're here for."