Couple escape super superboat spill

An Australian superboat driver and his navigator have miraculously escaped a spectacular crash at the World Jetsprint Championships without serious injury.

The boat, driven by West Australian Alan Carr with navigator Jo Price on board, overshot the last turn of the World Jetsprint Championships course on Lake Centenary in Temora, New South Wales, at high speed, crashed through a fence and sank.

Witness Brian Scott captured what happened on his camera as the boat, travelling about 110km/h, clipped the right side of the bank, spun and shot through a fence.

"They landed in the water and the boat actually sank ... I've been once before and I've never seen anything like it," Mr Scott told the West Australian newspaper.

With the pair up to their chins in water, safety crews and people from other teams jumped in to assist.

Mr Carr had a broken toe and Ms Price was taken to hospital and treated for a suspected foot fracture.

Last night Ms Price told the newspaper that while she had had some "pretty bad accidents", Sunday's was probably the worst of her 12-year racing career and "very frightening".

"The good thing was that it happened all so quickly . . . sitting in the boat knowing it was sinking was not a good feeling," she said.

She added the boat was being repaired and they expected to compete in the Melton round of the championships on Saturday and Sunday if she could get permission from organisers to race with a cast on her foot.

"I haven't come all this way to sit on the bank and watch," she said. "We will be back in the water again on Saturday."