British star Guy Martin accepts dare to race a sidecar for the first time video

British motorbike star Guy Martin, with Jacob Cooper in the sidecar, takes to the Oreti Park Speedway track in Invercargill.
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British motorbike star Guy Martin, with Jacob Cooper in the sidecar, takes to the Oreti Park Speedway track in Invercargill.

Motorcycling superstar Guy Martin proved he's not one to shy away from a dare at Invercargill's Oreti Park Speedway on Saturday night.

Legendary worldwide for his various exploits, there's not much Martin hasn't experienced when it comes to motorbikes.

Now, the Southland track can proudly lay claim to being the first place in the world Martin ever raced a sidecar.

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British motorbike racer Guy Martin at Classic Motorcycle Mecca in Invercargill ahead of the Burt Munro Challenge weekend

Martin was challenged by Paeroa's Jamie Moohan to give the speedway discipline a crack and embraced it with his trademark daredevil attitude. After several laps blatting around the circuit to the thrill of the crowd, he was left clearly ecstatic.

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"He dared me on Wednesday night and said I wouldn't be able to do it so I said 'I'll do it'. And it was amazing. It's like nothing else I've ever done. Fast, boy that is fast … I couldn't believe what that bike could do. Phwoah that is fast," he exclaimed.

"I've never done anything like that before. It's completely backwards to riding a conventional motorbike because you're accelerating into the corners … you drive it into the corners which is just back to front. But it was mega - I loved it."

Moohan was happy to risk his machine in the hands of a sidecar rookie.

"I've seen he can ride a bike slightly," he quipped.

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For swinger Jacob Cooper, the experience would prove unforgettable.

"It's been a lifelong dream just to meet the guy, let alone race with him. What an absolute legend to have on the handlebars," he said.

"It's hard to keep your emotions in check when you're on the bike because you're on there with a superstar and then you're working so hard to do your job. It was an awesome experience.

"He actually took off a little bit quicker than I thought he would to be honest. Then they waved the chequered flag for us and I leaned over and said 'right, now actually race it man' and he found a whole new gear."

Martin quickly developed a mutual respect for Cooper's skills.

"The passenger has a massive, massive part to play. He gets the bike to go where he wants to go - I'm just a little bit of it controlling the throttle and the handlebars. He's the big bit."



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