Stanley supports Julie Seymour for Tactix job

STEPPING UP?: Tactix assistant Julie Seymour would be Anna Stanley’s choice to take over as coach of the team.
STEPPING UP?: Tactix assistant Julie Seymour would be Anna Stanley’s choice to take over as coach of the team.

Former Silver Ferns captain Anna Stanley has endorsed Julie Seymour as the next coach of the Tactix.

With Leigh Gibbs stepping down after three years at the helm, the Tactix will shortly start their search for her replacement.

Stanley believed Canterbury netball legend Seymour, who has been assistant coach of the Tactix since 2010, was the perfect choice.

Seymour, who is also assistant of the New Zealand secondary schools side, had done her time and deserved an opportunity.

"I'd give her a shot," Stanley said.

"It would be the natural step forward for the Tactix franchise. She's been involved in their campaign for the last few years and that's important to maintain a bit of continuity for future years."

Stanley spoke highly of Seymour's astute netball mind and tactical nous. She believed New Zealand franchises had to offer pathways for their emerging coaches rather than looking overseas.

"We always say we don't have enough coaches and we don't have enough depth in this country, in terms of player talent. It's a chance to give Jules the chance to coach at that top level."

Stanley was complimentary of Gibbs' tenure as Tactix coach and said she had done a great job of developing young players.

Gibbs was always going to be up against it given the lack of firepower in her squad, she said.

"She should be proud of the legacy she's left as coach.

"She's done some great things. She's given a huge amount to Canterbury netball . . . You've got to have the players. There's only so much a coach can do."

Stanley was critical of talented New Zealand players such as Katarina Cooper and Paula Griffin, who sat on the bench for the Central Pulse and were not furthering their netball careers.

She questioned why they would not consider moving to the Tactix, where they would earn quality court-time.

"I don't know who is advising these players. They should be going to the franchises, where they will be getting on court," she said.

"Any smart netballer would do that. If you want to make the Silver Ferns and progress, you go to a franchise where you know you're going to be in a starting position."

Stanley stressed that the Tactix needed to retain imports Mwai Kumwenda and Jade Clarke for next season and land a tall New Zealand defender.

Injured Silver Fern Kayla Cullen would be a tremendous acquisition on and off the court for the trans-Tasman netball league strugglers, she said.

"That would be a fantastic person to get. She would be one player the Tactix would need."

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