Stephen Jones - Olympic Kiwi-baiting champ

09:45, Aug 08 2012
Mahe Drysdale
DOES THIS LOOK LIKE UNDER-PERFORMING?: magnificent Mahe Drysdale during his gold medal single sculls campaign.

Stephen Jones, the Welsh rugby journalist who has long bagged the All Blacks, has now turned his attention to the New Zealand Olympic team, labelling their performance in London "a joke".

Jones took to Twitter to voice his opinion on New Zealand's performance, laughing off our nine medals, including three golds, as a "non-performance".

"NZ classic! NZ paper claims that since they have low population they are per capita havin great Games," he tweeted. "So ultimate loser excuse found!"

"That is the all time, classic, bleeding heart rubbish statistic of the terminal loser," he went on to say.

Never mind that the medal tally by population was originally published by UK paper The Guardian. As of the last update, New Zealand were fourth and Great Britain were 12th.

"By NZ's desperate excuse standards of low population I make Isle of Muck (the smallest island in the Small Isles of Scotland) rugby champions of the World".

Even as the criticism for Jones' anti-New Zealand tirade began to roll in, the Welshman wasn't finished.

"Your team is a total joke. So much for the land of the great outdoors. Gives real sports nations a laugh though."

Jones, who said Wayne Barnes had given one of the great refereeing displays in the 2007 World Cup quarter-final between France and the All Blacks, was positively hostile when engaged by Kiwi defenders.

When one tweeter replied to Jones with: "Ah, vitriol, the last retort of the man with no grace or intelligent argument", all the Welshman could muster was "you should know Dickhead". Another challenger got "who asked you Twerp?".

Jones had a very different attitude towards Australia though, who until this morning were behind New Zealand on the official medal tally.

He lauded Sally Pearson's 100m hurdles win, giving her credit for performing under immense pressure.

Pearson, Australia's surest hope for gold, has been consistently beating her opponents by metres over the last year but had to rely on a photo finish this morning.

There was no mention of Hamish Bond and Eric Murray, who like Pearson have dominated their sport yet produced an emphatic row to win gold in the men's pair.

He retweeted one post that said: "I thought they were meant to be good at sailing, any medals in that?", obviously unaware New Zealand had wrapped up a silver in the men's 49er and our duo of Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie are in the gold medal spot in the women's 470.

He even had a smarmy response when someone raised the point that Wales doesn't compete at the Olympics as an independent country, but under the banner of Great Britain, saying "btw your 'athlete' in the Triathlon just finished", approximately 10 hours after the men's triathlon concluded.

Jones has long been critical of the All Blacks, in 2010 he said the haka was an "instrument of the worst kind of sporting arrogance", and he didn't miss a chance to criticise the number of players from the Pacific Islands who choose to play for New Zealand.

This might be a case of the pot calling the kettle black however, with a British cyclist earlier this week admitting to crashing on purpose to get a restart. It was later claimed the cyclist's comments had been lost in translation...because he was German. 

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Stephen Jones
STEPHEN JONES: Baiting Kiwis since ages ago.