Kiwi swimmer Lauren Boyle wants clean competition at the Rio Olympic Games video

Lauren Boyle wants to come up against clean athletes in Rio.

Lauren Boyle wants to come up against clean athletes in Rio.

Lauren Boyle only wants to come up against clean athletes at the Rio Olympics.

That seems like a reasonable wish from a Kiwi swimmer in with a medal chance at the Games, and one that may come closer to reality in the wake of a World Anti-Doping Agency report confirmed Moscow's involvement in doping athletes for the Sochi Winter Games.

National anti-doping agencies around the world are calling for a full ban of the Russian Olympic team for Rio following the WADA findings.

Boyle said that she doesn't know enough about the Russian report to have a real opinion, but knows she wants to come up against clean athletes.

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"I personally only ever want to compete against clean athletes," Boyle told One News.  "To have this kind of exposure and people really sitting up and taking notice is a big step.

"I know Russian athletes as swimmers who have tested positive multiple times and been allowed back to compete.

"Seeing that happen isn't very nice for an athlete who's been clean their whole life and they're so careful on all the supplements they take.

"You know, [I] put a real effort into making sure everything that I do is squeaky clean, so when you see somebody who's had a ban and then they're allowed to come back, it's a little bit disheartening," she told One News.

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Boyle said the timing of the report was also interesting.

"I think it's very interesting that it's come out now. It's quite close to Rio and I think a lot of athletes in the world won't be too surprised by it."

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