Winter Olympics-wear

olympic uniform

Busy, kitchy, rave or chintzy? There's something for everyone in the Sochi team uniforms.

James' gesture a game changer

Kirani James

OPINION: The most important thing that happened at the Olympics was something Grenada's Kirani James did.

Ostapchuk not an exception

Nadzeya Ostapchuk

MARK REASON - Fairfax Media

OPINION: New Zealand woke up to the news Nadzeya Ostapchuk was a drugs cheat and "our Val" was now a double Olympic gold medallist.

Scandal tarnishes golden glow

Valerie Adams

IAN ANDERSON - Waikato Times

OPINION: In barely more time than it takes for Usain Bolt to blaze down the track, the golden glow of the London Olympics acquired a tacky tarnish.

Ostapchuk's cheating obvious

Nadzeya Ostapchuk

OPINION: Drug cheat's results never added up, writes Valerie Adams' biographer Phil Gifford.

Reflecting on Kiwi glory

NZ gold medalists


OPINION: These have not just been a good Games for the NZ team - they've been a great one.

Celebrate a mighty Games

Jessica Ennis

RAY WILSON - Fairfax Media

OPINION: Rule Britannia, Britannia ruled the Games.

NZ's golden Games on the water

Lisa Carrington

OPINION: Lisa Carrington's gold medal in London proves yet again Kiwis are whizzes on the water.

Missing medal not to be sniffed at

Bevan Docherty


OPINION: Veteran triathlete Bevan Docherty made a cryptic comment in London this week.

Girl talk

Jessica Ennis

OPINION: The problem with using this patronising label on female Olympians.

Is there a Kiwi flagbearers' curse?

Nick Willis

OPINION: Is the Olympic Games flagbearer's job the most cursed role in New Zealand sport?

NZOC's unforgivable error

A 2009 file photo of New Zealand athletics official Raylene Bates.

TREVOR MCKEWEN - Fairfax Media

OPINION: What an unedifying spectacle and what a tragedy that such an epic Olympic Games campaign was brought undone by such incompetency.

'Val-Gate' script stinks

Valerie Adams

OPINION: They were huddled together for 20 minutes getting their lines right before an official's head was offered on a platter.

What now for Nick Willis?

Nick Willis after the men's 1500m final at the London Olympics.

OPINION: What now for Nick Willis. The Beijing 1500m medallist so valiantly vanquished in London this morning?

Games spirit rises above jingoism

Mahe Drysdale

OPINION: What has been your moment of the Olympic Games so far? It is very hard to choose, but as a Brit I am going to go for Mahe Drysdale's gold medal.

Mistake hinders Adams' performance

Valerie Adams

OPINION: Will a nameless NZOC official still be feeling sheepish as the Kiwi camp reflects on Valerie Adams' loss of her Olympic gold medal?

Carrington new kayaking hope

Carrington and Taylor

OPINION: Canoe racing New Zealand will be hoping London 2012 brings a new dawn.

Treatment of Adams unforgivable

Valerie Adams

OPINION: The real Valerie Adams was never seen in London, and while I doubt she will ever say so, the blame for that largely rests with fellow Kiwis, too bumbling to register her for her event.

Spin doctoring at its worst

New Zealand's Valerie Adams reacts after failing in her bid to win gold in the women's shot put final at the London Olympics.

OPINION: As Val Adams threw for Olympic glory she was probably unaware that a little known Australian called Bill Bailey played more than a bit part in her even being allowed to compete.

Silver not to be sniffed at

New Zealand's Valerie Adams reacts after failing in her bid to win gold in the women's shot put final at the London Olympics.

OPINION: A little minx from Minsk has just rained on our Olympic Games track and field parade.

US debates Phelps' best-ever claim

Michael Phelps


OPINION: The water is barely dry on Michael Phelps' extraordinary swimming career and the "best-ever" debate is already in full swing.

Adams blunder requires inquiry

Valerie Adams


OPINION: The New Zealand Olympic Committee is claiming contrition but they can't let the Valerie Adams start-list blunder lie at that.

Watson commentary 'embarrassing'

Mark Watson

OPINION: Just when I was starting to warm a little to the Olympics, it all came tumbling down. And I blame one man - Mark Watson.

Chic silver a must-have accessory

Australian silver medalists Kim Crow and Brooke Pratley with their medals after the women's double sculls rowing event at the 2012 London Olympics.


OPINION: Silver is the new gold. Oh yes, I grant you, there are still countries - and here's a special cheerio to you Kiwis, sniff - who only want to talk about the number of flashy gold medals they've won

Games inspire next generation

Olympic fan


OPINION: Think British sport and chances are you will, like me, think jolly hockey sticks and gallant losers.

Heads should roll at NZOC

Valerie Adams


OPINION: Heads should roll after an incredible stuff-up nearly cost New Zealand shot put champion Val Adams her chance to throw for gold at the Olympics tomorrow morning.

Great medal haul for NZ

New Zealand's rowing medalists

TONY SMITH - Fairfax Media

OPINION: Hey Aussies, we want to draw your attention to a little line item on the Olympic Games gold medal table.

Back to the starting blocks

A disappointed Kiwi Gareth Kean after swimming the 100m backstroke semifinal at the London Olympics.


OPINION: Where to now for Swimming New Zealand's high performance programme?

Rowers deliver moment in history

Mahe Drysdale

OPINION: Sport exists for these little moments in time that get etched into the consciousness.

Aussies clutching at NZ's gold

James Magnussen

OPINION: As Australia struggles in the gold medal column, desperate times call for desperate measures. Is it time to claim 'Team Oceania'?

NZ's finest moment in 50 years

Bond and Murray

OPINION: Hamish Bond, Eric Murray and Magnificent Mahe Drysdale have done us proud.

Athletes face rough Tweet-ment

Emily Seebohm

NATHAN BURDON - The Southland Times

OPINION: The opening week of the London Olympics has thrown up an unofficial 27th sport.

Tears, tantrums at Olympics

Shin A Lam

OPINION: The very British '"stiff upper lip" has fallen a quiver in these weepy Olympic Games.

Olympics aren't doing it for the kids

Zorana Arunovic

OPINION: Hmmm....it seems the anti-Olympian has hit a nerve with some readers and inspired others to agree with me over what a lot of drivel it all is.

None more deserving than Nicholson

Andrew Nicholson

OPINION: Andrew Nicholson's bronze medal is rich reward for his immense contribution to New Zealand's proud Olympic equestrian record.

Football at the crossroads

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

OPINION: It's time. In fact, it's long past time. To either kick men's football out of the Olympics, or demand they stop using the greatest sporting spectacle on earth as their own personal petri dish.

Greed is infectious at the London Olympics

Sanya Richards-Ross

OPINION: The financial disgrace that inhabits the oversized tent that houses the "Five Ring Circus" continues to be exposed at London Olympics.

Oly-Whites face impossible task

Adam Thomas


OPINION: The Oly-Whites might need to call on Oz and his Auf Wiedersehen, Pet TV crew to brick up their goals in Geordie Land this week.

Olympics a sell-out

Empty seats

OPINION: The Olympics is really an over-commercialised celebration designed for the benefit on an old boys network, more intent on making money than celebrating sport.

Less suits, more hoots

Empty seats

OPINION: Somewhere right now a Londoner is spluttering into his pint, wondering why he can't get seats to Olympic events when there appear to be hundreds, sometimes thousands, left empty at venues all round their city.

Old beans put on quite a show

Opening ceremony

TONY SMITH - Fairfax Media

OPINION: Seen one Olympic ceremony, seen them all. Er no, actually.

Flagbearer the perfect role

Nick Willis


OPINION: Nick Willis is an inspired choice as New Zealand's Olympic Games flagbearer and captain.

Stars ready for crowning moment

Michael Phelps


OPINION: Roger Federer and Michael Phelps are two of the biggest stars at the Olympics and they're ready to stamp their mark.

Britain provides warm welcome

Laura Flessel-Colovic

TONY SMITH - Fairfax Media

OPINION: It's almost become a sport in its own right - the quadrennial contest to predict doom, gloom and impending Armageddon before an Olympics.

Val still NZ's best chance for gold

Valerie Adams

SIMON PLUMB - Fairfax Media

OPINION: Who is really NZ's best medal hope?

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