Heads should roll at NZOC for Adams gaffe

12:02, Aug 06 2012

Heads should roll after an incredible stuff-up nearly cost New Zealand shot put champion Val Adams her chance to throw for gold at the Olympics tomorrow morning.

In a dramatic turn of events here in London today, Fairfax Media learned that Adams had not been entered into the event.

Why? Because the New Zealand Olympic Committee forgot to.

We believe the situation is poised to be rectified and Adams will still compete.

But had this staggering turn of events not been discovered she could have been scratched meaning four years of hard work would have vanished because of someone's oversight.

The question now being asked by Fairfax Media, and we're awaiting an answer, is whose fault is this?


Who is responsible for this monumental gaffe?

NZOC officials are scrambling to find out answers and we'll bring them to you as soon as they provide them.

But don't hold your breath.

Adams' manager Nick Cowan confirmed the facts of the story to us after the NZOC explained the situation away as a "clerical error".

Initially we thought Adams may be injured. Why else would her name be missing?

A spokesperson said Adams was fit and well.

"I saw her doing the laundry this morning." And then Cowan confirmed our worst fears.

Since then the NZOC's silence has been damning.

We understand that Adams herself found her name was not on the list which was probably a fluke.

Few athletes go through paperwork on the eve of their throw. That's the job of the NZOC.

But it seems Adams justifiably had no confidence in the current regime lead by Kereyn Smith and chef de mission Dave Currie.

Let's hope Adams wins gold tomorrow. If she doesn't a full inquiry into what part this played need to be conducted and heads should roll.

They should anyway. Why was Sarah Cowley entered in the heptathlon - no disrespect to Sarah - and not Adams?

We also need to know if anyone has been brave enough to apologise to Val. My guess is they will be giving her a wide wide berth.

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