Former 100m champ tips Blake to upset Bolt

11:52, Jul 30 2012
Yohan Blake
UPSET: Sydney gold medallist Maurice Greene has tipped Yohan Blake to beat Usain Bolt in the 100m final.

Yohan Blake's defeat of Usain Bolt will not be a one off and he will take gold ahead of the fastest man in the world according to former world 100m record holder and Olympic gold medallist, Maurice Greene.

Bolt had not fixed technical problems in his running that were apparent two years ago and it was too late to try to fix them now according to Greene, who won five world champions and two Olympic gold medals in the 100m and 200m in Sydney.

Bolt would still win comfortably the 200m but his countryman Yohan Blake would deny Bolt the chance to win back to back gold medals in the 100m, said the American Greene.

Another former track champion Edwin Moses, the two time world and olympic 400m hurdles champion, has also backed Blake to beat Bolt.

"Blake is going to win," Greene said. "Blake is just a little bit better and if you go back and look at the Jamaican trials they say Bolt had a bad start but look at Blake too he was right back there with Bolt, they both had bad starts and Blake was still able to come out victorious in that race. I mean even though he is having slow starts he still gets second though so he is still able to overcome some things.

"(Bolt) is healthy now, there is no problem with injuries or anything else he is just trying to fix the problems he is having and he has been having the problems for about two years now and he didn't fix them then (two years ago) and I haven't seen them being fixed this year so from what it seems to me he is going to continue to have them and that is why Blake is going to win."

Bolt, the reigning Olympic champion in the 100m and 200m, sensationally false started and was disqualified from defending his world 100m title at last year's world championships - which Blake ultimately won - and in the recent Jamaican Olympic trials Blake beat Bolt head to head in the race to reinforce his emergence as the man to beat in the sprint.

Moses also backed Blake saying: "in track and field we have a saying that stuff happens and you are only as good as your last race ... I am going to say Blake (to win gold) I think he is the man to beat.

Greene agreed with the recent suggestion that it was possible the 100m record time could drop to as low as 9.4 seconds.
"I think it is possible, I don't think it will happen this year though. There is nobody out there who is capable of it this time I don't believe. Obviously Usain has ran fast before so he has the abilities to do it again but now he is having so many technical problems that is what is messing his race up. He is not in that type of form, he is not showing that type of form so I don't seeing it happening now."

Greene said it was extremely difficult to defend a title four years later and while he believed Bolt could do so in the 200m, his stronger event, he doubted he would do so in the 100m.

"The pressures of coming back to an Olympic games is very tough especially when you arc trying to duplicate what you did four years ago. I would say to that don't think about what you did four years ago only think about what you are trying to do now and what you have been working on a these years you have to focus on this you can't be in the past.