Strang: Duco shouldn’t rush Joseph Parker

17:59, Aug 20 2014
TAKE THAT: Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker lands another heavy shot during his convincing victory over American Keith Thompson.
TAKE THAT: Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker lands another heavy shot during his convincing victory over American Keith Thompson.

There is an interesting video doing the rounds online of an experiment testing the patience of children.

A chocolate biscuit is placed on a table by an actor, and a child is told that if they wait five minutes without eating the biscuit they will be given a plate full of chocolaty treats.

As you can imagine, nine out of 10 children demolish the single biscuit before the actor has even left the room.

Joseph Parker
DON'T RUSH: Joseph Parker should take his time in rising up the world boxing rankings.

The one girl who manages to wait reaps the benefits of her patience, digging into the mountain of mallowpuffs.

The moral of the story is simple, good things come to those who wait.

If you chucked the Duco crew into the same situation, you could guarantee they'd have chocolate on their breath before you even outlined the rules.


Kiwi heavyweight Joseph Parker is in the early phases of a promising boxing career.

He is only 22. He has fought and won 10 times, winning nine by knockout. Before his last fight he was 15th in the WBO rankings.

Parker is doing a great job for someone so young.

Having just beaten a no-name American in his first fight in the United States, Parker's promoters are chasing a fight against Australian Lucas Browne.

Browne is 23-0, chasing a big fight against Ruslan Chagaev, Derek Chisora or Tyson Fury and a World title shot.

He's done the hard yards as an up and coming fighter.

His first fight was at the Manly Leagues Club in Sydney. His fourth was at the Goldfields Oasis Recreation Centre, Western Australia. Now he's fought at Wembley Arena, London, and the O2 Arena in Dublin.

By being patient and working his way up, Browne is now fighting at big venues against top-ranked fighters.

So why on earth would he fight a little known Kiwi with only 10 fights to his name?

Duco posted on Facebook claiming that Browne ''feels Joseph Parker is beneath him  but everyone has a price don't they ''Big Daddy''.''

Browne responded with some sound advice.

''I'm a big fan of Parker and think he's a nice kid but to rush him against a banger like me is silly.''

He went on to say: ''Parker is 22 why rush??? Gain followers, gain exposure, gain international respect then take over the world. By 25 and 15 more fights he will be the man. Good to see a young talent repping NZ.''

Parker needs to work his way up.

After losing to Parker in July, American heavyweight Brian Minto had similar advice.

''I just hope Duco don't try move him too fast and put him in something that maybe he's not ready for straight away,'' he said.

''I think he needs to keep moving up gradually and keep fighting guys that have experience to get him the experience he needs.''

Once again, why the rush.

It took David Tua eight years and a 37-1 record to get his world title fight.

Lennox Lewis took 22 fights to become world champion. For Evander Holyfield and Vitali Klitschko it was 25. Even Muhammad Ali took 20 fights to get his chance at a world title against Sonny Liston.

Apart from Tua, these guys have the same thing in common.

After waiting and working their way up the rankings for 20-25 fights, the next 30 or 40 are for big titles in big venues throughout the world.

If Parker is the real deal, then we can expect that sort of success over a lengthy career.

Rushing him into those fights could bring a premature end to a promising career.

So let's learn from that little girl in the chocolate biscuit experiment.

Good things come to those who wait.

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