Joseph Parker eager for more pro action

23:49, Dec 16 2012
Fight for Life 1
FACE SHOT: Lauryn Eagle lands a punch on Daniella Smith.
Fight for Life
QUICK: Daniella Smith ducks under a Lauryn Eagle strike.
Fight For Life
RANGE FINDER: Daniella Smith reaches out against Lauren Eagle.
Fight for Life 4
DOWN: Greg Bird is on the mat after a hit from Rene Ranger.
Fight for Life 5
SMACK: Greg Bird takes a hit from Rene Ranger.
Fight for Life 6
CUDDLE TIME: Rene Ranger goes to Greg Bird for a hip-level hug.
Fight for Life 7
SURVIVING: Eric Murray defends himself from Manu Vatuvei.
Fight for Life 8
MISSED: Eric Murray ducks away from a Manu Vatuvei punch.
Fight for Life 9
DEFENCE: Hika Elliot defends himself from Paul Gallen.
Fight for Life 10
CHEEK BRUSH: Hika Elliot's punch finds Paul Gallen's shoulder.
Fight for Life 11
LIP SERVICE: Hika Elliot gets a little mouthy toward Paul Gallen.
Fight for Life 12
SOCKED: Carlos Spencer smacks one right on Jarrod McCracken's face.
Fight for Life 13
GUN SHOW: Carlos Spencer gives Jarrod McCracken a free ticket to his gun show.
Fight for Life 14
ROPE REST: Jarrod McCracken lets Carlos Spencer have a rest on the ropes.
Fight for Life 15
ON THE CHIN: Willie Mason lands a hit on Troy Flavell's jaw.
Fight for Life 16
TIT FOR TAT: Troy Flavell, left, and Willie Mason trade blows.
Fight for Life 17
CHEEK TO CHEEK: Joseph Parker, left, and Richard Tutaki trade blows.
Fight for Life 18
RESTING: Richard Tutaki takes a break during his fight with Joseph Parker.
Woodstock ring girls
Woodstock ring card girls at Fight for Life.
Joseph Parker and Richard Tutaki
Joseph Parker lands a series of punches on Richard Tutaki during their short bout, won by Parker by TKO.
Zac Guildford
Former All Blacks wing Zac Guildford (right) was among the many rugby and rugby league stars ringside to support their brethren.

It's not bad when an Olympic gold medallist comes looking for your autograph and rising heavyweight boxing star Joseph Parker was more than happy to oblige for Eric Murray who had just completed a gutsy debut in the ring.

Parker hadn't even had time for a shower after his third round demolition job of Richard Tutaki in the feature professional bout on the Fight For Life programme before Murray was knocking on his door.

Adorned in his black Olympics blazer, a clearly chuffed Murray was seeking signatures on his fight singlet, having lasted the distance against Warrior Manu Vatuvei.

Joseph Parker
GOOD FORM: Joseph Parker has three wins from three fights in his fledgling professional career.

Murray said the experience had given him respect for what the professionals go through.

Parker got a photo taken on his phone of he and Murray and the pair swapped tales.

It was that sort of night.


Parker seemed as happy rubbing shoulders with Murray as he was with his own impressive performance.

The 20-year-old looked comfortable on the biggest stage of his blossoming pro career that has now produced three knockout wins.

He's eager for more and his handlers want to keep him busy.

The next assignment will probably come across the Tasman at the end of January on the undercard of Anthony Mundine's fight with Daniel Geale.

It's a promotion where Wallabies rugby star Quade Cooper will make his boxing debut and the event will bring the Parker handlers in contact with Khoder Nasser who manages both Cooper and Sonny Bill Williams.

The Parker camp have Williams on their radar, believing their man can unify the two New Zealand heavyweight belts. Williams has one and the other belongs to US-domiciled Chauncy Welliver who seems unlikely to defend it before he has to vacate it in January.

Get that belt, and then take on Williams would keep the Parker train steaming ahead.

"We want the New Zealand title ... we have talked about it," said Parker's trainer, former WBA world middleweight champion Maselino Masoe.

Masoe is pleased with the rapid progress Parker has made in his short time since turning pro and believes his potential is unlimited.

Parker has deadly fast hands for a big man and improving power. But it's his work ethic that Masoe is most impressed with.

"He's very dedicated. He really wants this," Masoe said.

"I'm happy with the way Joseph is performing. He's in good shape. I thought he did well against Tutaki. I told him not to waste his punches, to pick his shot.

"He still has a lot to learn and he can do better than that but it was a step up and a step in the right direction."

Parker's speed meant Tutaki was reduced to desperate defence. His attack was non-existent, paralysed by the need to cover up from the Parker onslaught.

Parker went to the body, crippling Tutaki with a body punch late in the second round and then finishing him off with an assault to the head that was crowned by a classic uppercut in the third round.

"I'm very pleased. He covered up good but I slowly got in there," Parker said.

"I really felt I moved forward with this fight. It was a big occasion and it was great to have the support there. I'll have a bit of a break for Christmas, spend some time with my family and then the plan is to get on the Mundine card.

"That's the one we are aiming for and I'm relay looking forward to it, I know I'll need to be on top of my game."

The Fight For Life organisers were delighted with their latest promotion, declaring it their best yet and signalling a strong intention to repeat it next year.

They certainly got good value from the sportsmen they took out of their comfort zones.

Carlos Spencer and Rene Ranger looked the best of the New Zealanders while Aussie league hard man Paul Gallen was a standout with his unanimous points win over the supremely confident Hika Elliot.

Amateur Fights:

Greg Bird (league) b Rene Ranger (rugby) majority points.

Manu Vatuvei (league) b Eric Murray (rowing) unanimous points

Paul Gallen (league) b Hika Elliot (rugby) unanimous points

Carlos Spencer (rugby) b Jarrod McCracken (league) unanimous points

Troy Flavell (rugby) drew with Willie Mason (league)

Pro Fights:

Men's heavyweight: Joseph Parker (NZ) b Richard Tutaki (NZ) TKO 3rd rnd

Women's lightweight: Daniella Smith (NZ) b Lauryn Eagles (Aus) unanimous points.