Rio Paralympics 2016: Your complete guide to when New Zealanders are in action

New Zealand will have 31 athletes at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

New Zealand will have 31 athletes at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

Want to know what's happening at the Paralympic Games in Rio? Don't worry, Stuff's got you covered with this handy guide.

This is a detailed schedule for when New Zealand athletes will be competing in the 15th Summer Paralympic Games.

All dates and times listed are New Zealand time.

The Games finish on Sunday, September 18. 

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Liam Malone is one of eight para-athletes in the New Zealand team. GETTY IMAGES

Please note times are subject to change.


Friday September 9

1.42am: Para-cycling - Women's 3km pursuit C4 Qualification (Kate Horan)
2.24am: ​Para-swimming - Men's 200m freestyle S5 heat (Cameron Leslie)
2.57am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m backstroke S7 heat (Nikita Howarth, Rebecca Dubber)
7.46am: Para-cycling - Women's 3km pursuit C4 final (Kate Horan)
Para-athletics - Men's 100m T44 heat (Liam Malone)
9.11am: Para-athletics - Women's long jump T47 final (Anna Grimaldi)
11.09am: Para-swimming - Men's 200m freestyle S5 final (Cameron Leslie
11.51am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m backstroke S7 final (Nikita Howarth, Rebecca Dubber)

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Saturday September 10

1am: Para-cycling - Women's Kilo BVI final (Amanda Cameron/Hannah van Kampen, Emma Foy/Laura Thompson)
1.22am: Para-swimming - Women's 50m freestyle S10 heat (Sophie Pascoe)  
1.37am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m backstroke S11 heat (Mary Fisher)
1.47am: Para-swimming - Men's 400m freestyle S9 heat (Jesse Reynolds)    
1.51am: Para-athletics - Men's 100m T35 heat (Jacob Phillips)
7.30am: Para-cycling - Men's Kilo C4-5 (Byron Raubenheimer)   
8.30am: Para-athletics - Men's 100m T35 final (Jacob Phillips)
8.45am: Para-athletics - Men's Javelin F44 final (Rory McSweeney)
9.54am: Para-swimming - Women's 50m freestyle S10 final (Sophie Pascoe)
10.24am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m backstroke S11 final (Mary Fisher)
10.48am: Para-swimming - Men's 400m freestyle S9 final (Jesse Reynolds)
11am: Para-athletics - Men's 100m T44 final (Liam Malone


Sunday September 11

12.30am: Para-shooting - R3 qualification (Greg Reid)
12.46am: Para-swimming - Men's 50m freestyle S6 heat (Hamish McLean
1.38am: Para-cycling - Men's 4km pursuit C4 qualification (Byron Raubenheimer
2am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m backstroke S10 heat (Sophie Pascoe
2.26am: Para-swimming - Women's 400m freestyle S11 heat (Mary Fisher
2.45am: Para-shooting - R3 final (Greg Reid)
3.15am: Para-shooting - R4 qualification (Michael Johnson
5.45am: Para-shooting - R4 final (Michael Johnson)
8.44am: Para-swimming - Men's 50m freestyle S6 final (Hamish McLean)
8.54am: Para-cycling - Women's 500m C4-5 final (Kate Horan)
9.10am: Para-athletics - Women's javelin F37 final (Caitlin Dore)
9.42am: Para-cycling - Men's 4km pursuit C4 final (Byron Raubenheimer)
10.04am: Para-cycling - Women's 500m C4-5 (Kate Horan)    
10.36am: Para-athletics - Women's 100m T47 heat (Anna Grimaldi)
10.38am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m backstroke S10 final (Sophie Pascoe)
11.13am: Para-swimming - Women's 400m freestyle S11 final (Mary Fisher)


Laura Thompson and Emma Foy ride in tandem in the individual pursuit. CHRISTEL YARDLEY/FAIRFAX NZ

Monday September 12

12.49am: Para-swimming - Men's 200m individual medley SM9 heat (Jesse Reynolds)
1am: Para-cycling - Women's 3km pursuit BVI qualification (Emma Foy/Laura Thompson, Amanda Cameron/Hannah van Kampen)
1.52am: Para-swimming - Women's 200m individual medley SM10 heat (Sophie Pascoe)
2.19am: Para-athletics - Men's 200m T35 heat (Jacob Phillips)
3.30am: Para-cycling - Women's 3km pursuit BVI final (Emma Foy/Laura Thompson, Amanda Cameron/Hannah van Kampen)    
8.46am: Para-swimming - Men's 200m individual SM9 final (Jesse Reynolds
9.56am: Para-athletics - Women's 100m T47 final (Anna Grimaldi
10.11am: Para-swimming - Women's 200m individual medley final (Sophie Pascoe)
11.03am: Para-swimming - Men's 200m T44 heat (Liam Malone)


Tuesday September 13 

12.59am: Para-swimming - Men's 150m individual medley SM4 heat (Cameron Leslie)
1.34am: Para-swimming - Women's 50m freestyle S11 heat (Mary Fisher)
1.40am: Para-athletics - Men's long jump T36 final (William Stedman
1.49 am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m butterfly S10 heat (Sophie Pascoe)
1.50am: Para-athletics - Men's 200m T35 final (Jacob Phillips)
2.03am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m freestyle S9 heat (Tupou Neiufi)
2.10am: Para-swimming - Men's 200m individual medley SM6 heat (Hamish McLean)
2.39am: Para-swimming - Women's 50m butterfly S7 heat (Nikita Howarth)
4.30am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 1 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)   
6am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 2 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)          
8.51am: Para-swimming - Men's 150m individual medley SM4 final (Cameron Leslie)
9.17am: Para-swimming - Women's 50m freestyle S11 final (Mary Fisher)
9.47am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m butterfly S10 final (Sophie Pascoe)
10.16am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m freestyle S9 final (Tupou Neiufi)
10.20am: Para-athletics - Men's 200m T44 final (Liam Malone)
10.39am: Para-swimming - Men's 200m individual medley SM6 final (Hamish McLean)
11.19am: Para-swimming - Women's 50m butterfly S7 final (Nikita Howarth)


Wednesday September 14

12.30am: Para-swimming - Men's 400m freestyle S6 heat (Hamish McLean)    
1.14am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m freestyle S10 heat (Sophie Pascoe)
1.33am: Para-athletics - Women's javelin F46 final (Holly Robinson
2.29am: Para-swimming - Women's 50m freestyle S9 heat (Tupou Neiufi)
4.00am: Para-shooting - R5 qualification (Jason Eales, Michael Johnson)    
4.30am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 3 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)    
6am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 4 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)
6.15am: Para-shooting - R5 final (Jason Eales, Michael Johnson)
Para-swimming - Men's 400m freestyle S6 final (Hamish McLean
9.01am: Para-swimming - Women's 200 individual medley SM7 final (Nikita Howarth
9.17am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m freestyle S10 final (Sophie Pascoe)
10.55am: Para-swimming - Women's 50m freestyle S9 final (Tupou Neiufi)
11pm: Para-cycling - Women's time trial C4 final (Kate Horan)


Para-canoeist Scott Martlew received a late call-up to the Paralympics. GETTY IMAGES

Thursday September 15

12.30am: Para-shooting - R6 qualification (Greg Reid)
12.37am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m breaststroke SB8 heat (Nikita Howarth)
12.50am: Para-canoeing - Men's 200m KL3 heat (Scott Martlew)
1am: Para-swimming - Women's 400m freestyle S7 heat (Rebecca Dubber
1.50am: Para-canoeing - Men's 200m KL3 semi-final (Scott Martlew)
2.45am: Para-shooting - R6 final (Greg Reid)
3.05am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 4 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)
4.30am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 5 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)
5:36am: Para-cycling - Men's time trial C3 final (Fraser Sharp)
5:58am: Para-cycling - Women's time trial BVI final (Emma Foy/Laura Thompson, Amanda Cameron/Hannah van Kampen)
6:00am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 6 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)    
6:20am: Para-cycling - Men's time trial T1-2 final (Stephen Hills)
8.30am: Para-athletics - Women's shot put F34 final (Jessica Hamill)
8.36am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m breaststroke SB8 final (Nikita Howarth)
8.54am: Para-swimming - Women's 400m freestyle S7 final (Rebecca Dubber)
9.06am: Para-athletics - Men's 400m T44 heat (Liam Malone)


Friday September 16                

12.30am: Para-swimming - Men's 100m butterfly S9 heat (Jesse Reynolds)​
1.10am: Para-canoeing - Men's 200m KL3 final (Scott Martlew
1.21am: Para-athletics - Men's 400m T36 heat (William Stedman)
2.09am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m freestyle S11 heat (Mary Fisher)
2.38am: Para-athletics - Men's 400m T44 final (Liam Malone)
4.30am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 7 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)
6.00am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 8 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)
8.30am: Para-swimming - Men's 100m butterfly S9 final (Jesse Reynolds)      
9.33am: Para-athletics - Women's 200m heat T47 (Anna Grimaldi)  
10.20am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m freestyle S11 final (Mary Fisher)


Saturday September 17

12.30am: Para-cycling - Men's road race C1-2-3 final (Fraser Sharp)
12.37am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m freestyle S7 heat (Rebecca Dubber
12.44am: Para-swimming - Men's 100m backstroke S9 heat (Jesse Reynolds)
12.52am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m backstroke S9 heat (Tupou Neiufi)
1.15am: Para-athletics - Men's 400m T36 final (William Stedman)
1.40am: Para-swimming - Women's 200m individual SM11 heat (Mary Fisher)
2.07am: Para-swimming - Men's 50m backstroke S5 heat (Cameron Leslie)
2.27am: Para-athletics -  Women's 200m T47 final (Anna Grimaldi)
4am: Para-cycling - Men's road race T1-2 final (Stephen Hills)
4.30am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 9 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)
6.00am: Para-sailing - Sonar Race 10 (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)
8.36am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m freestyle S7 final (Rebecca Dubber)
8.43am: Para-swimming - Men's 100m backstroke S9 final (Jesse Reynolds)
8.50am: Para-swimming - Women's 100m backstroke S9 final (Tupou Neiufi)
10.05am: Para-swimming - Women's 200m individual medley SM11 final (Mary Fisher)
11am: Para-swimming - Men's 50m backstroke S5 final (Cameron Leslie)   


Sunday September 18

12.30am: Para-swimming - Men's 100m freestyle S6 heat (Hamish McLean)
12.35am: Para-cycling - Women's road race C4-5 final (Kate Horan)
3am: Para-sailing - Sonar medal race (Chris Sharp/Andrew May/Richard Dodson)
4.05am: Para-cycling - Women's road race BVI final (Emma Foy/Laura ThompsonAmanda Cameron/Hannah van Kampen
8.30am: Para-swimming - Men's 100m freestyle S6 final (Hamish McLean
10.17am: Para-athletics - Men's 800m T36 final (William Stedman)


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