Ayden Toovey claims first stage of 2016 Tour of Southland four years after previous experience as a 17-year-old video

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Tineli rider Ayden Toovey wins the 2016 Tour of Southland first stage from Invercargill to Lumsden.

Four years ago Australian cyclist Ayden Toovey rode the Tour of Southland as a 17-year-old.

He was placed on restricted under-19 gearing in the SBS-sponsored tour in 2012 and found the going tough, fast forward to 2016 and the promising Tineli rider showed just what a force he is going to be using full gears.

Ayden Toovey of Tineli Performance Bikewear won stage one of the Tour of Southland which was from Invercargill to Lumsden.
Robyn Edie/Fairfax NZ

Ayden Toovey of Tineli Performance Bikewear won stage one of the Tour of Southland which was from Invercargill to Lumsden.

The 21-year-old Tineli rider won a four rider sprint and claimed the 170km first stage from Invercargill to Lumsden in fine conditions.

"It's always tough, I did this race as an under-19 year-old four years ago and I have always wanted to come back since then," he said.

Who's who on the 2016 Tour of Southland
Kergozou brings renewed confidence into Tour of Southland

The under-23 rider pulled clear in the final sprint, to take the first stage from Powernet's Southland rider Matt Zenovich and Kia Motors - Ascot Park's Travis McCabe, with Powernet's Dutch rider Sjoerd Kouwenhoven fourth. 

The quartet were part of the chasing group of 20 riders to catch an early breakaway, with about one third of the race to go and broke clear towards the end.

The Tineli plan worked well with Toovey's teammates Liam Magennis and Sam Cox in an early breakaway which started near Thornbury, paving the way for his success.

The Australian duo were joined by Powernet's Roman van Uden, Southland's Barry Stewart Builder rider Nick Kergozou, Oliver's Real Food's Logan Griffin and Olphert Contracting's Ollie Jones riding aggressively, to leave some of the big names in the peloton.

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They stretched their lead to over four minutes heading into the middle stages before being reeled in by the chasing bunch, featuring the stage winner Toovey, Zenovich and McCabe.

Dutchman Sjoerd Kouwenhoven from Powernet made a break 10 kilometres from Lumsden, but was reeled in and eventually finished fourth.

"It worked well, we had crosswinds and groups started splitting everywhere and I was lucky to make the front group and from there it was a slog-fest to the finish," Toovey said.

"I backed myself with the sprint, I went in a move with three other guys and the sprint from there."

"We've come over here looking for good results definitely, I know personally I am looking to finish the season on a high."

Toovey holds the under-23 jersey after his efforts.

US rider McCabe's third-placed effort earned him the yellow jersey, 24-hours after he originally thought he had it in Sunday's prologue.

The Kia Motors - Ascot Park Hotel team hold the top team title.

Cox from Tineli holds the most combative jersey, while Invercargill's Kergozou will wear the sprint jersey,  while Ollie Jones from Olphert will don the polka dot King of the Mountain jersey.

Double Olympic gold medal winning rower Hamish Bond finished the stage eighth.


Stage 2 - 150 km

Start: Riverton at 10am.

Riverton to Te Anau via Tuatapere and Blackmount.

Finish: Te Anau Lake Front at 1:55pm (approx).


(Invercargill - Thornbury - Ohai - Mossburn - Lumsden)

1. Ayden Toovey (AUS) (TIN) 4h11m34s; 2. Matt Zenovich (PNL) ST; 3. Travis McCabe (USA) (KAP)

ST; 4. Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (NED) (PNL) at 06s; 5. Aaron Gate (CLM) at 16s; 6. Alex Frame (KAP) at

16s; 7. Ryan Christensen (ORF) at 21s; 8. Hamish Bond (VWD) at 21s; 9. Luke Mudgway (BSB) at

27s; 10. Steven Lampier (GBR) (KAP) at 27s; 11. Michael Torckler (VWD) at 27s; 12. Ryan Wills

(PNL) at 27s; 13. Thery Schir (CST) at 27s; 14. Taylor Gunman (KAP) at 27s; 15. Drew Morey (AUS)

(BSB) at 27s; 16. Ollie Jones (OPC) at 27s; 17. Michael Vink (MGH) at 27s; 18. Hayden Roulston

(PMK) at 27s; 19. Tom Sexton (PMK) at 01m10s; 20. Richard Lawson (PMK) at 01m10s; 21. Roman

Van Uden (PNL) at 02m26s; 22. Joel Yates (TSR) at 06m47s; 23. Stuart Holder (BSS) at 06m47s; 24.

James Fouche (CLM) at 06m47s; 25. Jake Marryatt (ACA) at 06m47s;

Overall Standings

1. Travis McCabe (USA) (KAP) 4h16m16s; 2. Ayden Toovey (AUS) (TIN) at 04s; 3. Matt Zenovich

(PNL) at 06s; 4. Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (NED) (PNL) at 18s; 5. Alex Frame (KAP) at 25s; 6. Steven

Lampier (GBR) (KAP) at 31s; 7. Michael Vink (MGH) at 31s; 8. Taylor Gunman (KAP) at 31s; 9. Aaron

Gate (CLM) at 31s; 10. Ryan Christensen (ORF) at 33s; 11. Luke Mudgway (BSB) at 38s; 12. Drew

Morey (AUS) (BSB) at 38s; 13. Ryan Wills (PNL) at 39s; 14. Hamish Bond (VWD) at 39s; 15. Hayden

Roulston (PMK) at 40s; 16. Michael Torckler (VWD) at 45s; 17. Thery Schir (CST) at 54s; 18. Ollie

Jones (OPC) at 56s; 19. Tom Sexton (PMK) at 01m23s; 20. Richard Lawson (PMK) at 01m23s; 21.

Roman Van Uden (PNL) at 02m38s; 22. Joel Yates (TSR) at 06m59s; 23. Alex West (TSR) at

06m59s; 24. Callum Gordon (TSR) at 06m59s; 25. Brendan Cole (AUS) (TIN) at 07m01s;

Team Overall

1. Kia Motors - Ascot Park Hotel 12h49m43s; 2. PowerNet at 14s; 3. Placemakers at 02m31s; 4.

Barry Stewart Builders at 07m56s; 5. Vantage Windows & Doors at 08m13s; 6. Tineli Performance

Bikewear at 14m00s; 7. Creation Signs - L&M Group Ricoh at 14m19s; 8. Mike Greer Homes at

14m36s; 9. Olivers Real Food Racing at 14m54s; 10. Calder Stewart at 15m45s;


1. Nick Kergozou (BSB) 27; 2. Liam Magennis (AUS) (TIN) 13; 3. James Williamson (CLM) 8; 4.

Roman Van Uden (PNL) 5; 5. Sam Cox (162) (TIN) 5; 6. Logan Griffin (ORF) 5; 7. Ryan Christensen

(ORF) 4; 8. Luke Mudgway (BSB) 4; 9. Ollie Jones (OPC) 4; 10. Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (NED) (PNL) 3;

King of Mountains

1. Ollie Jones (OPC) 18; 2. Sam Cox (162) (TIN) 11; 3. Liam Magennis (AUS) (TIN) 6; 4. Logan Griffin

(ORF) 1;

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