Cameron offered biggest payday to fight Parker

22:24, Jun 15 2013
Shane Cameron
SHANE CAMERON: The veteran Kiwi boxer is being lined up to fight Joseph Parker.

Shane Cameron has been given a shot at the biggest single payday for a New Zealand-based boxing bout.

Duco Events is offering a unique $550,000 winner-takes-all purse for Cameron to fight Joseph Parker within the next six months.

After Parker's stunning second-round TKO of South African veteran Francois Botha in Auckland on Thursday, Duco offered Cameron a low six-figure payday to fight Parker.

Joseph Parker
WHO NEXT?: Joseph Paker left Francois Botha in his wake.

Cameron rejected that bid, but Duco - Parker's promoters - have now raised the stakes significantly.

New Zealand boxing's previous biggest payday was "The Fight of the Century" between Cameron and David Tua. Both took home $500,000 for the 2009 bout. Cameron is understood to have earned more in last year's cruiserweight world title loss to Danny Green, but that bout was held in Australia.

"We are prepared to put a winner-takes-all $550,000 on the table," Duco promoter David Higgins said yesterday.


"The winner-takes-all idea is quite interesting. It's not been done before [in New Zealand]. Fighters normally like to be paid no matter what.

"I'd rather give it another six months and give Parker more experience. [Higgins' business partner] Dean Lonergan reckons Joseph would knock Cameron out quick if they fought this year.

"[Cameron's manager] Ken Reinsfield will say Joseph hasn't earned the right to fight Shane but, at the end of the day, professional boxing is about money.

"The way Joseph dealt with Botha, that made a statement enough for a Cameron-Parker to capture the public interest."

Reinsfield was irate when contacted by the Sunday Star-Times yesterday. He made it clear Cameron was a championship boxer with a 29-3 record who would not fight over anything less than 12-rounds. He also suggested Duco did not have Parker's best interest at heart.

"It's not about the fight; it's about the money they [Duco] want to make," Reinsfield said. "They are using Joseph as a tool. They are not trying to develop him. They want to get a cash return back very quickly. It's not fair on Joseph.

"If they have an offer and they want to act like men, talk to me.

"Shane has been involved in the three biggest pay-per-views in New Zealand history.

"I'm sick of Duco living off the fat from Shane's back and hard work. Shane Cameron is the property, not Joseph Parker. Let's be honest, he [Parker] is a novice professional. For 10 years solid Shane has fought wars. He has earned his standing in the boxing world. He is a legend and deserves to be so.

"When Joseph Parker is ready to step up to the big boys and fight 12 rounds I'll pay him handsomely. He can fight on my promotion and we'll take the fat off the pay-per-views."

Cameron told the Star-Times yesterday he respected Parker but felt the 21-year-old, who has not been past six rounds in as many undefeated professional fights, needed more time.

"It's a fight that will happen [him vs Parker] when he earns his stripes," Cameron said. "If he has another half-a-dozen good fights then it's definitely potentially do-able."

Parker will return to Las Vegas to start another two-month training camp with Kevin Barry on July 1. His next fight is scheduled to be on David Tua's comeback undercard on August 31.

Parker indicated yesterday that Duco, Barry and his family would decide his future.

"I will do all of the training and leave those decisions up to Duco and the family to discuss," he said. "We are off to a great start and I want to sit down when everyone is back to normal again and discuss what we want to do, where we want to go from here."

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