A flock of sheep joined a charity run and actually helped raise more money video

The sheep weren't a baaaad influence on proceedings at all.

The sheep weren't a baaaad influence on proceedings at all.

A flock of sheep managed to not only outrun many of those on two legs when they crashed a German charity run, also helping to boost the fundraising total.

More than 600 sheep and goats crashed the Wings for Life World Run in Munich, politely sticking to one side of the track, almost as if they'd agreed to keep out of the runners' way.

But while they steered clear of the people, they managed to block the path of a vehicle called the "catcher-car", which runners attempt to stay ahead of in order to remain in the race.

Their performance, and unlikely fundraising talents, even earned plaudits from a TV commentary team covering the race.

"We've seen some great pictures of the sheep slowing the 'catcher-car' down and allowing people to run a few kilometres more," a commentator laughed.

"A lot of people are sponsored on the number of kilometres they achieve, and these fellas out there are helping Wings for Life World Run raise even more money for spinal cord research."

"I'm just so impressed with the discipline of these sheep," another commentator remarked.

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