Fever pitch for rugby in Dunedin

07:15, Sep 15 2012
Dunedin Abs vs Springboks
Sean wood, Hennie Jordaan, Pierre Neethling and Cornel Grobler.
Dunedin Abs vs Springboks
Sue Crosswell, Marge Crosswell and Ray Crosswell from Dunedin.
Dunedin Abs vs Springboks
Hennie Jordaan with his south African supporters gear.
Dunedin Abs vs Springboks
Kobus and Wills Fabre.
Dunedin Abs vs Springboks
Richard Emerson and Norma Odedaal Emerson engage in some friendly nation building ahead of tonight's test in Dunedin.
Dunedin Abs vs Springboks
Brothers Andrew, 6, and Aiden, 9, flew down from Auckland for the Dunedin rugby test.

Spirits are high in Dunedin this afternoon ahead of tonight's rugby test between the All Blacks and the Springboks.

Kevin Davey flew his two boys down from Auckland for the test, but the family's split on who to support.

Aiden, 9, was born in South Africa and is an avid Boks fan, but 6-year-old Andrew was born in New Zealand and supports the All Blacks.

"They fight about who is the best all the time," said Kevin.

"They [Springboks] don't play good at all," said Andrew. "But South Africa will win," countered Aiden.

Bok supporters Sean Wood, Hennie Jordaan, Pierre Neethling and Cornel Grobler have made a special trip over from Australia for thes game.

They had all their South African supporters gear specially made in the Republic and sent over.

"We've wanted to do this for a long time so decided to have a blokes' weekend," said Jordaan.

The men were headed to the Octagon "to get some courage", said Grobler.


"We won't settle for anything other than a win."

Dressed as a show of Kiwi faith, the Crosswell family, Sue, Marge, and Ray from Dunedin, said they religiously  supported the All Blacks and believe a win is inevitable.

"It's going to be an All Black victory," said Ray.

For former Bloemfontein residents Kobus and Willa Faber, home was not where the heart was.

The South Africans have lived in Dunedin for 12 years, but are still avid bok fans.

"It'll be close, but hopefully the Boks will win."

The game starts at 7.30pm.