Sonny Wool says no merci

23:45, Sep 22 2011
Sonny wool
NO MERCI: Sonny Wool pleases onlookers by picking the All Blacks to beat France on Saturday.

Sonny Wool the psychic sheep has resisted French wiles and trickery to pick his home team once again.

The four-legged foreseer made his pick at Titahi Bay playcentre this morning, tipping the All Blacks to win tomorrow night against rivals France.

French supporter Raphael Terris, who is in New Zealand with his family for nine months, is currently staying on the same farm as the psychic sheep and said he did his best to ensure a French win this morning.

"We tried but we are not sure he understood. He doesn't speak French."

"We gave him some wine but it wasnt enough."

Sonny Wool showed no performance anxiety today and took time to check out both containers of food before committing to the AB's.

His agent Dan Boyd said this was likely an indication that the All Blacks' win would be no walk in the park.

"Maybe his indecision is a sign its going to be a close game."

However Mr Boyd said Sonny Wool's choice was clear and All Blacks fans could rest easy - as could the potential roast himself.

"I think he might live to see another week."

Mr Boyd said his client's future could be less favourable if the French onslaught proved too much for the All Blacks.

"We might have to have a public vote to see if he would be allowed another go."


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