Fans flock: When Sonny Wool met Sonny Bill

10:22, Sep 27 2011
Backing Black in Wellington
BACKING BLACK: Fans turn out for the Backing Black day at Waitangi park, Wellington.
FAN FUN: Kristina Uilao on the bungy ride at the Backing Black fan day at Waitangi park, Wellington.
FAN FUN: Kristina Uilao on the bungy ride at the Backing Black fan day at Waitangi Park, Wellington.
All blacksd
FAN LOVE: Hundreds of fans wait to see the All Blacks at Waitangi Park.
All blacksd
MEETING FANS: The All Blacks get seated at Waitangi Park where hundreds of fans were waiting to see them.
Sonny Wool
SEEING DOUBLE: Sonny Bill Williams watches on as Sonny Wool picks the All Blacks to beat Canada.
FAN FAVOURITES: Fans pile into Waitangi Park, Wellington, to see the All Blacks.
OUR HERO: Sonny Bill Williams signs autographs for fans at Wellington's Waitangi Park.
FAN TIME: Dan Carter signs autographs for fans at Wellington's Waitangi Park.
MEETING FANS: Sonny Bill Williams gets a photo with fans at Wellington's Waitangi Park.

Sporting a ripped jersey in honour of his namesake Sonny Bill Williams, "psychic" sheep Sonny Wool has picked New Zealand to win the match against Canada on Sunday.

He got to meet Williams, who awkwardly held the New Zealand-flagged hay for the sheep to eat, at Waitangi Park in Wellington this afternoon.

Williams was a "wooling" participant, saying the experience was "pretty cool", though it was "probably" the weirdest thing he had ever done.

All blacks
BLACK ATTACK: The All Blacks arrived at Wellington Airport on the weekend and will meet fans today at Waitangi Park.

Sonny Wool has psychic abilities, according to its agent Dan Boyd. He has so far accurately predicted all of the All Blacks' wins.

More than 1000 people flocked to the park to see the All Blacks at the free BackingBlack Travelling HQ event, which started at midday.

The event featured five huge inflatable rugby-themed games, spot prizes and virtual technology that makes All Blacks players appear out of thin air for photos.


The girls' screams were almost deafening and people were cheering "All Blacks" when the players came off the bus.

Once all the boys took over the stage, one of Victor Vito's favourite bands - the Backstreet Boys - played in the background.

Vito took over the microphone and pretended to sing along.

Children then got to ask their favourite players questions, including which SpongeBob character they would want to be.

Conrad Smith chose Mr Crabs.

Ten-year-old Beth Hughes asked Williams what a fan needed to do to get the job of removing his torn jerseys.

Williams got a big cheer from excited women earlier this month after stripping off his ripped jersey and showing off his impressive abs during the All Blacks opening Rugby World Cup match.

More FM host Tarsh Tolson couldn't help but ask the girl whether it was her question or her mum's.

"My mum's," Hughes said.

Williams said mother Charlotte could send "some applications".

Student Samantha Martin queued more than four hours to see Colin Slade up-close.

"They are going to win - these guys are our heroes," she said.

Kate Roberts flew in from Auckland to meet Williams, but not for his skills on the field.

"He's the man. He is nice and tall."

The All Blacks arrived in Wellington on Sunday ahead of their clash with Canada this weekend

Players today signed autographs, answered questions and showed off their skills.

The BackingBlack Travelling HQ was touring New Zealand and moves on to Palmerston North tomorrow, and Blenheim on Saturday.

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