Nude Blacks on show

20:33, Jun 19 2010
TACKLES: The Nude Blacks and Welsh Leeks in action.

Tackles were on display on Saturday at the Nude Blacks seventh annual rugby "international", played in fine deep south conditions.

Mostly made up of Otago University students, the Nude Blacks defeated the Welsh Leeks at Dunedin's Logan Park Sports Ground – watched by a crowd of fully clothed fans.

Ex–All Black John Timu officiated at the game.

Highlights of the match include a nude haka, which the "Welsh" team responded to with some attempted Morris dancing, before brandishing and tossing leeks at the Nude Blacks.

The game even brought back the biff, with a mock punch-up bringing memories of Buck Shelford and Huw Richards' stoush in the 1987 Rugby World Cup's semi-final.

A fully clothed streaker took to the field, before being taken down by a woman adorned in nothing but a police hat.

Event organiser Ralph Davies said the weather was, unfortunately, fine for the game.

"We prefer Antarctic southerlies and about 3 degrees just to challenge the players a bit," he said.

The 500-plus audience lined the sides of the field. The event was played at 2.15pm, as an unofficial curtain-raiser to the All Blacks game against the Welsh in the clothed form of the game at Carisbrook.


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