Fans cool on Rugby World Cup song

07:01, Mar 30 2010

The marketing tune for the 2011 Rugby World Cup has been met with some reluctance by rugby supporters.

It has been announced that Kiwi rock group The Feelers will cover 90s tune 'Right here, right now'. The song, by British rock group Jesus Jones, was the group's best known hit off the album 'Doubt'.

The Feelers formed in Christchurch New Zealand in 1993. Their debut album 'Supersystem' sold over four times platinum and won five NZ music awards in 1998.

Many people spoken to by Stuff hadn't even heard the song, but were happy to sing along when provided with the lyrics.

However, even before this afternoon's confirmation, users of social networking site Twitter responded quickly and weren't in support of the choice.

"I don't really care about the rugby world cup, but The Feelers? Isn't that like Nickelback singing at the superbowl," wrote Kris Lane.

"Generally if the Feelers are playing I like to be Anywhere Else, Right Then," wrote Ad Show reporter Simon Pound.

Comedian Dai Henwood wrote: "The Feelers cover 'Right Here Right Now' as the Rugby World Cup Jingle. Really?! quite glad a don't watch union anymore."

The announcement of the song, along with other details about the Rugby World Cup, was made by International Rugby Board officials and Prime Minister John Key at 3pm today at SkyCity in Auckland.

However, as the campaign kicked off 'right here right now', the IRB had other ideas.

The official site initially linked to a video which wouldn't play, with a message saying it had blocked by the IRB on copyright grounds. Officials later corrceted what they described as a technical hitch, and it can now be seen on Rugby World Cup 2011's official YouTube channel

Listen to the Jesus Jones version below.