OE for Robbie Robinson as hip injury gets 'scary'

TOUGH INJURY: Southland's Robbie Robinson admits the prospect of not playing RUGBY again is scary.
TOUGH INJURY: Southland's Robbie Robinson admits the prospect of not playing RUGBY again is scary.

Robbie Robinson feels if he sat around pondering his worrying hip injury for much longer it would get very depressing so instead he is about to do what many people his age do and head off on an OE.

In the later stages of the 2013 provincial season with the Stags and then the New Zealand Maori tour at the end of last year Robinson developed a hip injury.

It is an injury which cannot be fixed by surgery and the worst-case scenario could see the talented fullback unable to play again.

The former Southland Boys' High School pupil is still hopeful of playing in the national provincial championship this season but only time will tell if that is the case.

"Basically the blood supply isn't getting to the bone in some places," Robinson said yesterday.

"It's a sort of injury they don't know when it could come right. There's no real time frame they can put on it, no-one really knows. It's just got to heal itself and hopefully it does heal itself or else I'm in all sorts."

Robinson admits the prospect of not playing again is scary.

"I didn't really think anything of it until I went in to get my scan to see if it was healing or whether it was potentially career ending. It is quite a scary thought.

"Hopefully I'm back for the ITM Cup. If not I'm not sure what I'm going to do. But it's something I'm not really worrying about otherwise it will get me down I guess."

He will have scans every six to eight weeks to monitor the healing and in between times the 2013 Super Rugby champion will take the time away from the game for a stint overseas.

"I'm going to Bali for a week to catch up with a few friends and then to Europe for just over two months. I just had to look at what is going to excite me and keep me up so I'm not getting depressed.

"I really wanted to travel so it's the perfect opportunity for me really and I'm going to make the most of it. I'm going to Europe by myself so it's a bit out of my comfort zone but I had no choice, I didn't not want to go because I had no mates to go with. I'm sure I'll find plenty of friends over there."

He said his latest injury setback has been an eye-opener and one that prompted an appreciation of what older players have done to continually get them back on the field after injury.

"Now I feel for them, I don't know how they battle injury after injury and surgery after surgery and keep their chin-up for so long. It's a battle."

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