English clubs best represented at World Cup

21:00, Jun 19 2014
Robin van Persie
SUPERSTAR: Robin van Persie of the Netherlands and Manchester United.

England may not produce as many world class footballers as it would like, but they continue to attract them from overseas to play in their domestic leagues. 

Of the 736 players at World Cup, 113 (or one in every 6.5 players) ply their trade in England, an average of more than 3.5 players per squad. 

Even when you discount the 22 players in the England team there are still nine more England-based players (91) than than the country which boasts the next highest representation, Italy (83).

In total 27 English clubs have players at the World Cup - almost 10 per cent of the 300 represented. 

Unsurprisingly the overwhelming majority of well represented clubs are based in Europe. Barcelona, with 16 players, provide the most players, closely followed by Manchester United and Bayern Munich with 14. 

The first non-European club to appear on this list is Iran's Persepolis FC, with five players. 

Over half the clubs (155) represented provide just one player. 

On average each World Cup squad contains 7.9 home-based players. Russia's entire squad are based in the motherland, while Uruguay failed to select a single home-based player.