Fifa World Cup: Maraotter picks France

Like Uruguay's Luis Suarez streaking in front of the England defence, Diego Maraotter has again jumped clear of his rivals.

The football oracle picked Uruguay to defeat England today, successfully dealing a dagger blow not only to his English-born Wellington Zoo keeper's hopes, but also football writer Tony Smith's.

He now leads Smith and his fellow scribe, Sam Worthington, 5-4 after a week's worth of World Cup picks.

Move over man, the mustelidae is in control again.

Maraotter didn't even try to hide his glee.

''Those football writer guys have got nothing. Nothing. 

''As Muhammed Ali said: 'I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark'. Boom!'

''I'm a champion, I know. They just need to come to terms with it. Float like an otter, bite like a crocodile.''

Worthington decided to throw down the gauntlet and do some trash talking of his own.

''Embarrassingly, otters are not even the best animals in the mustelidae weasel family. Give me a honey badger or wolverine any day of the week."

While Worthington might believe Maraotter has lucked in to date, he and Smith have joined Diego in picking France to cruise past Switzerland tomorrow.

Maraotter saw the irony in this.

''When it comes to big match tactics they are on the bus with England and Spain, tooting all the way to loserville.''