How to fix freedom camping?

Freedom camping

My 10 days in silence

meditation Some lessons can only be learnt from looking inward.

Mental health services failing

depression "I feel like to be taken seriously I need to walk forwards instead of backwards when the bus comes."

The cost of ignoring dyslexia

dyslexic boy Dyslexia isn't properly addressed in schools - and that has knock-on effects for our society.

Meet Madam Zola

True to her breed, Zola hates the cold. She likes nothing more than to be under her blankets. True to her breed, Zola hates the cold. She likes nothing more than to be under her blankets.

Are sports stars role models?

Drink driving, inappropriate behaviour, sex Snapchats: do we expect too much from professional athletes?

On being transgender in NZ

We'd like to hear from gender-diverse Kiwis about their journey. Did you feel supported or prejudiced?

Do you let through Airbnb?

Tell us about your fabulous garage

Smoke-free on vaping

Teenage smoking When my vape arrived, I quit that day. My current setup cost me just $30 and I've not smoked for four months.

I replaced smoke with vapor

Vaping was a pleasant - even delicious - alternative to tobacco.

Bye smoking, bye inhaler

I did it for my daughter

Smoking is expensive

I can now spend money on myself rather than saving the ciggy money.

My life after 150kg loss

Wiremu Bayliss I now own a pair of pants that three people can fit into. Why? Because I used to fit them myself.

Meningitis changed my life

Meningitis turned Mandy Monson's world upside down. But some simple advice has helped.

Facing death sparked new life

Going blind made me see

'I had it all. Then it happened'

I was a 20-a-day smoker, ate lots of fry ups and was living life to the full. But I didn't want to die.

Think you're not fit enough?

crossfit Don't let the thought of weight-lifting and flipping tyres put you off, there's a lot more to Crossfit than meets the eye.

Legal highs made me a 'shell'

I went from sporting star to jobless and addicted to synthetic cannabis in a year. Here's how I stopped.

Caving adventures worth pain

Being obese to prove a point

When work gets in the way

Forced to change her lifestyle with a new job, Shirley found the healthy answer was keeping it simple.

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