NZRU's not jury & counsellor

Steve Tew and justice

Why is the New Zealand Rugby Union being targeted as a result of a decision made by a judge in our courts?

Justice flawed, not rugby Court has failed victims Rugby 'get out jail free' Victims 'blown away' by appeal Coach condemns assault

Depression 'another illness'

Girlfriends Keeping quiet about mental health helps no one. Let’s all be open, compare notes and laugh. It’s normal.

Special education crisis point

Special needs Is there really any place for a minister to be flippant about spending money to help kids who can't talk or walk?

Elton John's 'The One'

Elton John and Axl Rose Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums to distract himself from cancer treatment.

New Plymouth sunset fishing

tara-strap You can find beautiful sunsets like this from most beaches around Taranaki.

Share your dating disasters

Dating Sometimes, love isn't in the air. Sometimes it's red-faced, counting the minutes until this horrid date can be over.

Your student loan experience

Did your student borrowing affect your life in a positive or negative way? Was it worth it?

Social media - are you in?

What's your workout?

The dog no-one wants to own

Depression For those of us who walk the black dog daily and hope it’ll leave us alone each night, we don't need stigma.

Unprepared for the haters

Being associated with W&I attracted prejudice. That my association is because of my condition didn't matter.

Hey, we're human, W&I

'It's all in my head'

Funding 'simply not enough'

I've suffered from depression since I was 12, and I think the biggest problem is a lack of funding.

The great vegan debate

We must ask, do we need dairy? If David Clark wants farmers and vegans to debate animal cruelty, I volunteer.

It's time farmers mooved on

You've been heard; you don't like vegans and are "anti-activists". Time to move on, focus on important things.

Time for vegans vs farmers

Animals shouldn't die for us

Think about the animals

If there is no alternative to animal products, we must use our resources to find one.

Mirrors for cyclists

Cyclists need mirrors Their helmets cause so much wind in their ears they can't hear a car coming, so a mirror would make sense.

Car doors are a real threat

As a cyclist, I have fears about people opening their car doors into me. I have had close calls.

Separate bikes and cars

Poor drivers same as always

Cycling is risky

All road users need to be wary of each other - it can be really hard being a cyclist.

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