Jeannie, the shy kitten

They said I could pick another cat but I was sticking with her.

Jeannie started out a little shy, now she's in love with her rural life.

Endometriosis: I wasn't believed

Endometriosis I spent years living with debilitating pain, but doctors said it was all in my head.

My year without Facebook

Man on cliff A teenager without Facebook seems almost unthinkable - but how hard could it be?

Blue the mischievous pup

blue Blue is cute, cheeky, and loves nothing more than stealing food from picnics.

Stop asking if I want kids

Childfree I'm only just figuring out university - how should I know if I want children?

Bridesmaid horror stories

Bridesmaids The ultimate privilege or a special kind of punishment?

What London means to you?

Does the big smoke hold a special place in your heart? Tell us why.

When Facebook is creepy

Do you rely on Facebook?

We allow our kids to be killed

Child abuse deaths Finger pointing doesn't fix our child-killing problem. We all need to take responsibility for it. It has to stop.

Speaking on the unspeakable

We need to speak openly about child sex abuse as the perpetrators rely on secrecy. I know; I'm a survivor.

Help needed to save our kids

All you need is love?

Losing Gracie-May

Izabella shouldn't live life thinking her sister's a rainbow. She should have her to play with, killed girl's aunt writes.

My life after 150kg loss

Wiremu Bayliss I now own a pair of pants that three people can fit into. Why? Because I used to fit them myself.

Meningitis changed my life

Meningitis turned Mandy Monson's world upside down. But some simple advice has helped.

Facing death sparked new life

Going blind made me see

'I had it all. Then it happened'

I was a 20-a-day smoker, ate lots of fry ups and was living life to the full. But I didn't want to die.

Think you're not fit enough?

crossfit Don't let the thought of weight-lifting and flipping tyres put you off, there's a lot more to Crossfit than meets the eye.

Legal highs made me a 'shell'

I went from sporting star to jobless and addicted to synthetic cannabis in a year. Here's how I stopped.

Caving adventures worth pain

Being obese to prove a point

When work gets in the way

Forced to change her lifestyle with a new job, Shirley found the healthy answer was keeping it simple.