My Anzac Day image


I was fortunate to photograph a spectacular sunset at the Cenotaph on the top of Tuikairangi Hill last week.

NZ's own Saving Private Ryan We should remember everyday Dry patches picked for Anzac Day

My mother, my best friend

Emily Devine Emily Devine says her mum Donna is the biggest role model in her life.

Teaching us about the past

anzac day I am sure I am not alone in saying that Anzac Day is our most important national day.

The gifts of travel

Suitcase-Strap When we first talked about hitting the road, leaving steady jobs - we didn't know what the future would hold.

The gluten-free fridge

smeg Gluten-free, "clean food" is the order of the day for Rae Lentz.

Eat your way around the world

pizza We want to hear about all the food gems that have made your travels worth it.

Travel secrets from Kiwis

With the big OE in our blood, we can assume we're a nation filled with travel knowledge.

I love my mum because...

Where did it go wrong Benji?

Faith in tech 'a cancer'

 school computer Schools need to curb rampant spending on technology and free the curriculum from archaic assessment practice.

Help teachers to teach

Research suggests that 80 per cent of what students learn in a class is not what the teacher intended to teach.

Market values not for schools

Education reforms 'heartless'

Schools put kids in 'boxes'

My teacher friends are concerned for the well-being of their own children within the education system.

It's every man for himself

USA flag New Zealand's "can do" attitude is a world away from the American lifestyle of "gotta haves".

It's not all golden in Australia

Gold Coast offers great lifestyle for living in the now, but a move to Australia may not be so good in the long run.

There's no place like home

Living Stateside 'easy'

Life in the 'old' New Zealand

I love New Zealand, but it no longer feels like home, Anneke Hutchens writes.

The little pig of patience

Nichola Smith's kunekune became a loved part of her family, but things had to come to an end.

Four paws hold on

We miss you so much Spud, but are glad you left us happy and before you were in pain.

A woman's best friend

We loved her like family

I hope we meet again, Cheko

It was time to say goodbye to the most loyal best friend I have ever and will ever know.

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