Is this the most disgusting flight?


I've been on a few 'interesting' flights, writes Michelle Cave, but this one was the worst.

Long-haul flight nightmares Flight nightmares: boozy, banged up passenger Lessons from a flight nightmare

'Are you the man for me?'

heart "I smile, laugh and find the bright side in things. I crave someone who can easily see past the physical."

Look outside Auckland

I'd say that the best way to fix the housing crisis is to look outside of Auckland at the regions.

A broken welfare system

WINZ Dom There are gaps in the system that people, real people, not numbers are falling through.

'She was a shaking mess'

elderly I have often felt that the events of February contributed to the sharp decline in mum's health.

How do you get your tan on?

Suntan How far would you go to get a tan? Or are you a reformed tan-aholic who now prefers to be pale?

Forlongs and Frankton

News of Furlongs' possible closure has cast a cloud over its 100 employees and the Frankton area.

How to tackle begging?

Single and satisfied?

'Impossible' dilemma

Elderly couple There is a lot of talk of death with dignity, writes Martin Ryan. What about life with dignity?

I'm against assisted suicide

Proponents of this bill think it is adding to their rights but won't unduly affect others. This is not the case.

My poppa had no choice

Euthanasia about head not heart

'We can get things wrong'

My perspective as a New Zealander and doctor is that euthanasia or assisted suicide will cause great harm.

Thanks to my teachers

NCEA Hard working teachers deserve credit for the academic success of their students, writes Jessica Paton.

NCEA struggle to success

With perseverance a teenager can overcome an academic obstacle, just as my daughter has.

Well done, son

Nail-biting NCEA results

How to cope with NCEA results

Five tips for helping your child deal with NCEA exam results in the best way possible.

Get serious about water safety

children It only takes a second for your child to drown - and you can't turn the clock back.

Preventing silent drowning

Silent drowning is a real danger, but these are some of the ways you can ensure your kids stay safe.

Water attitudes 'foolish'

Kiwi kids risk 'watery grave'

'Silent drowning' danger

I'd never heard of silent drowning, but my 5-year-old son was nearly a victim of it, writes Chris Hicks.

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