Songs from the West Coast


Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums during his cancer treatment. This week, his faith is restored.

Week 24: Elton John's Reg Strikes Back Week 25: Sleeping With the Past Week 26: Elton John's 'The One' Week 27: Made in England

Are our rugby players saints?

Is there a culture of misogyny in New Zealand rugby? Let's take a closer look.

Can we stop family violence?

dv-strap What can we do to change New Zealand's shameful domestic violence statistics?

Living a life without children

sleeping baby Being a parent isn't for everyone. Have you chosen not to have children or did circumstances decide?

My best mate Kiva saved me

Kiva Kiva is fantastic. She is affectionate, independent, loving and funny.

Budgeting tips from Kiwis

Budget How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them.

Let's talk about suicide

Our national suicide rates continue to climb. What can we do?

Working in a man's world

Housing crisis: your views

Anorexia robbed my freedom

Anorexia and bulimia I hated what anorexia was doing to me, but I couldn't stop. I couldn't even eat or go to the bathroom alone.

'You look great' is dangerous

My physical appearance was more important than being healthy and well.

'Anorexia nearly broke us'

Living a life after anorexia

Beating the 'fear and shame'

At 19 years old she had bones thinned like an elderly woman. But she wanted to make a change.

Rugby players make mistakes

Despite their continued success on the field, off-field dramas are continuing to plague the NZRU.

NZRU's not jury & counsellor

Why is the New Zealand Rugby Union being targeted as a result of a decision made by a judge in our courts?

It's flawed justice, not rugby

Court has failed the victims

Morality and sport

NZ needs to grow up. How have we managed to intertwine morality and sport (excuse the pun!)?

Island date disaster

Rangitoto Island dating disaster My date said he never tried hard to impress but I wasn't expecting to be ignored on our island getaway.

Uh, I don't swing that way

This particular date was one I have tried hard to stash in the darkest recesses of my mind.

Dating disaster: PDA alert!

Cognac calls curtains on date

Dating the common man

Treading that fine line between things in common and zero individual thought is tough on the dating scene.

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