You don't care about Moko

How to get a better bank deal

Most people don’t understand how much they are worth to their bank. So make the most of it.

'Bullying scarred me'

bully-strap If I ever have children I fear for them, because of what I went through at school.

We're hooked on fishing

fish-strap Fishing is an approved playtime at Hikuai School, to get students active in their own environment.

Chris Evans has to go

	 top gear I went into Top Gear with an open mind but four episodes in and things don't look too promising.

Your bullying story

bully We want to hear about your childhood experiences with bullying in NZ and how it shaped you as an adult.

Lost children deserve a voice

Can you help us to tell the stories of the Faces of Innocents? Did you know any of them?

Can we stop family violence?

Growing up Kiwi

This book changed my life

Reading by the fire Written by a philosophy professor, this knockout of a novel is about what makes life worth living.

Glory of a gothic romance

I fell in love with Wuthering Heights and keep returning to have my heart broken with Heathcliff's again and again.

Book sparks eternal love

Characters part of the family

A novel reading favourite

Forget the awards, movie, sequels and prequels. Here's why you should read Frank Herbert's novel, Dune.

Grey hair puts flatmates off

old-strap Try looking for a flat when you're over the hill. Trying to rent a place in a shared flat is almost impossible.

'Take your blinders off'

There is cultural hypocrisy in decrying the killing of dogs in China, while ignoring the plight of bobby calves.

An ode to the public pool

Global season, jaded players

My outrage at the outrage

As a nation we have become an outraged, entitled and offended bunch. When did our skins become so thin?

Top travel tip: take your time!

Fiji What's the hurry? Darren Tatom says the key to a great trip is taking time to enjoy the little things.

Carry this while travelling

Julian Morrin has a handy tip to keep your credit cards and most of your money safe while outside NZ.

Travel tips: Statue of Liberty

It's about experiences

Beware bus ticket scams

Jade Thomas warns of a common scam for sleeper buses in Vietnam.

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