Shut shops for all four days

Unusual Shops Defcon

I personally feel Easter could be one weekend that retail shops are closed for the four days.

Your thoughts: Easter trading laws Easter trading: 362.5 days not enough?

Why I'll be voting National

John Key It's working under National and the others have no clue where they would go if they won.

Trimming my waistline

sugar After noticing belly fat was accumulating suddenly, I tried giving up all foods with added sugar.

It's not all golden in Australia

Surfers Paradise Gold Coast offers great lifestyle for living in the now, but a move to Australia may not be so good in the long run.

Cycling from Bluff to Cape Reinga

Bike Ken Guest and Rob Waterhouse flew in to Queenstown from the United Kingdom on 19 February.

Surviving school holidays

School holidays What are your tips, tricks and unique ideas for getting your family through school holidays intact?

Your thoughts: Easter trading laws

Easter trading laws - the right balance or archaic and in need of a huge overhaul?

What's in your fridge?

Breast cancer battle scars

Faith in tech 'a cancer'

 school computer Schools need to curb rampant spending on technology and free the curriculum from archaic assessment practice.

Help teachers to teach

Research suggests that 80 per cent of what students learn in a class is not what the teacher intended to teach.

Market values not for schools

Education reforms 'heartless'

Schools put kids in 'boxes'

My teacher friends are concerned for the well-being of their own children within the education system.

It's every man for himself

USA flag New Zealand's "can do" attitude is a world away from the American lifestyle of "gotta haves".

There's no place like home

I moved to Calgary, Canada five years ago with the intention of only a short stay to visit family.

Living Stateside 'easy'

Not about the money

Life in the 'old' New Zealand

I love New Zealand, but it no longer feels like home, Anneke Hutchens writes.

The little pig of patience

Nichola Smith's kunekune became a loved part of her family, but things had to come to an end.

Four paws hold on

We miss you so much Spud, but are glad you left us happy and before you were in pain.

A woman's best friend

We loved her like family

I hope we meet again, Cheko

It was time to say goodbye to the most loyal best friend I have ever and will ever know.

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