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We shouldn't give in to Uber


Watching the highlights reel

Perfect couple All we see on Facebook is perfection. We don’t hear about the kids who were brought home by the police.

Don't ignore Joy's message

cow-strap It’s not rocket science to see that animal agriculture is a danger for our waterways and ecosystems.

A 'get out of jail free' card

Losi Filipo Why worry about consequences when there are none? Sportspeople should be held to a higher standard.

My sassy, manic Isabelle

iz-strap From the sweetest cat to bully on the block, my Isabelle is notorious for her sass.

Social media - are you in?

Social media How has social media changed your life? Has it been for better or for worse? Or have you never indulged?

What's your workout?

With exercise it seems the trend is to go hard or go home. How do you get your strength and fitness buzz?

Budgeting tips from Kiwis

Will the new dog laws work?

The dog no-one wants to own

Depression For those of us who walk the black dog daily and hope it’ll leave us alone each night, we don't need stigma.

Unprepared for the haters

Being associated with W&I attracted prejudice. That my association is because of my condition didn't matter.

Hey, we're human, W&I

'It's all in my head'

Funding 'simply not enough'

I've suffered from depression since I was 12, and I think the biggest problem is a lack of funding.

The great vegan debate

We must ask, do we need dairy? If David Clark wants farmers and vegans to debate animal cruelty, I volunteer.

It's time farmers mooved on

You've been heard; you don't like vegans and are "anti-activists". Time to move on, focus on important things.

Time for vegans vs farmers

Animals shouldn't die for us

Think about the animals

If there is no alternative to animal products, we must use our resources to find one.

Mirrors for cyclists

Cyclists need mirrors Their helmets cause so much wind in their ears they can't hear a car coming, so a mirror would make sense.

Car doors are a real threat

As a cyclist, I have fears about people opening their car doors into me. I have had close calls.

Separate bikes and cars

Poor drivers same as always

Cycling is risky

All road users need to be wary of each other - it can be really hard being a cyclist.