Dog ownership rules 'too relaxed'


Any dog can be dangerous in uneducated hands, regardless of breed traits or public perception.

Should dangerous dog breeds be banned? Banning certain breeds doesn't solve the real issue with dangerous dogs

Dangers of legal euthanasia

Euthanasia The idea of individuals deciding their own fate is flawed. It'll be a short journey from right to die to duty to die.

Review: Friends and 17.11.70

Elton John A reader reviews Elton John albums to distract himself during his cancer treatment.

Losing faith in the Warriors

warriors The Warriors' mantra for fans has always been to 'keep the faith', but do the players still have faith themselves?

Inspiring Canterbury moon

moon-strap I was putting out the rubbish bin, and the moon caught my eye.

Travel secrets from Kiwis

Tourist With the big OE in our blood, we can assume we're a nation filled with travel knowledge.

Why do you home-school?

Do you home-school your family? What were the reasons behind your decision?

Your Prince memories

Your epic proposal stories

Death by spandex

shape-strap I was literally trapped in my shape wear … and my boobs were cold. The situation was dire.

Shopping: The price is wrong

Shopping local creates jobs and stimulates the economy, but those pros are outweighed by several cons.

Shopping woes of a short girl

Shopping mission impossible

'The bane of my existence'

What kind of man do they expect to dress here? A chicken-chested, thick-necked, baboon-armed hybrid?

Why don't the Warriors win?

Ryan Hoffman of the Warriors I feel like the partner of a cheat. But with the error rate this season I know Warriors would struggle to score.

Aussie Warriors ARE wanted

Call it character or mental toughness, but Aussies seem to have it in droves. That's why the Warriors need them.

They must stop cutting Kiwis

'Give the Warriors time'

Warriors' woes with coaches

As the Warriors continue to struggle, the question remains: why can't they attract a quality, proven NRL coach?

CV causes mutual confusion

Job interview The interview started well but went weird when they asked about skills I didn't have and training I hadn't taken.

Why you should prepare

You never want to be in a situation where you have nothing to say so you just say everything.

Lessons from worst interview

Interview's aiming too high

An agonising job interview

Putting a huge ladder in her pantyhose led to an awkward job interview for this job seeker.

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