Boisterous Robinho and Simba

cheeky cat

Bye smoking, bye inhaler

Smoking My health is far better. I haven't used an inhaler in two years, I don't get bronchitis and my bladder is better.

It's doable in Dunedin

octagon-strap With hard work and determination, owning your own home is achievable. Here's how we did it.

Don't die of embarrassment

You can die of embarrassment There are men who cannot get over the fact that I have had fingers and implements shoved up my bum.

No more Guy Fawkes

Fireworks What if we looked to our own real, recent and bloody history for commemoration?

Your favourite Kiwi pie

best pies We want to know who you think makes the best pies in New Zealand.

Share your cancer story

Has cancer affected you? Let others benefit from your experience by sharing your story.

Lost children deserve a voice

How do we fix parking in NZ?

Solve crisis by building

apart-strap The way to fix our housing crisis is to supply large numbers of living spaces quickly.

Averting a financial crisis

If left another year then a market collapse is nigh on certain with disastrous consequences for all Kiwis.

Estate-style living an answer?

Look outside Auckland

Let's tax empty homes

There are a lot of suggestions of how to tax empty homes, most are complex with lots of exemptions.

NZ 'paradise' in 1960s

Sixties New Zealand We played outside until dark, entered trolley races and sold empty glass Fanta bottles back to the dairy.

Growing up in the sixties

It was the 1960s; we had free speech, food aplenty and a roof over our heads – albeit a flat and leaky one.

I was a country kid

We're hooked on fishing

Leaving home to appreciate it

Meeting other people around the world has taught me how lucky I was to grow up in NZ.

'I quit smoking for my son'

Every time I got sick from a cold or flu, I suffered bonus days and sometimes weeks of wheezing and coughing thanks to my habit. My giving up smoking may have been accidental, but I reckon it was as much about timing as anything else.

Vaping was my saviour

I'd smoked for at least 30 years and you name the cessation option, I'd tried it. Nothing worked. Until vaping.

'It was mind over matter'

I successfully quit cold turkey

I did it for my daughter

It took the arrival of my sweet little daughter into my life to finally motivate me to quit smoking.

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