An anti-Christmas day


Are you avoiding all things tinsel, turkey and tradition today? Tell us what you're up to.

10 Kiwi pets stoked to dressed up for Xmas Show us your Christmas spread

Pet of the (Christmas) day

Today is Tiberius' first Christmas, and he is super excited about it, especially the wrapping paper for chewing.

What's on the Christmas box?

Christmas television is its own festive feast of family viewing fare. Clayton Barnett checks out the menu.

Kiwi Christmas tables

Christmas table setting Before you fall facedown in a food coma, share a photo of your Christmas spread with NZ.

My job as a threatened species

Many of my male friends think I must be mad working in a classroom but I love it, Clive Madge writes.

Holiday horror stories

Wash out What is your worst holiday experience? Help ease the pain by sharing your story.

Your Go Pro whoa moments

Whether it's wind, water, or wild sports in some other realm, the Go Pro can provide some wicked footage.

Your best moment of 2014

Lessons learnt from 2014

'Stop telling us what to do'

Better road signs and tougher driving tests should be enough to improve road safety, says Karauria Hooper.

'Good intentions not enough'

The police may mean well but they're not dealing with the root of the speeding problem, says Stephen Loader.

Ditch the bad attitude

More manners, less aggro

Time for driver WOF tests?

Our roads are ok, our cars are good, so what's the problem on New Zealand roads?

Five-legged katydid set to fly

A baby katydid found missing one of its hind legs last month is still alive and well in Alyson Bone's garden.

Keas putting on a show

A trio of keas gather to put on a show and pose for selfies with tourists in Franz Josef.

Birds in a flap over tree battle

Kereru sitting pretty

Five-legged katydid does well

A young katydid with a missing hind leg is the star of Alyson Bone's impromptu wildlife photoshoot.

'No such thing as sunscreen'

Did regular school drills in the blazing sun contribute to my skin cancer, asks Ray Connell.

Scar reminder of days in sun

As teenagers we basted ourselves in coconut oil. Thirty years on I had a melanoma, writes Marlene Coleman.

Checking skin you can't see

Sunburnt back 'one big blister'

Too many burning for a tan

As a survivor of melanoma, Christine Cummings doesn't believe the sun safety message is getting through.

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