Those hazy, lazy days of summer stuff nation

A view so stunning it almost looks like a painting.

I stopped to take in the view by Waiau Ferry Bridge on a balmy evening and became happily caught up in the hushed beauty.

Be Stuff's weather photo of the week

Luna, the precocious pup stuff nation

Luna, absolutely nailing the smize.

Six-month-old French bulldog Luna knows exactly how cute she is and loves nothing more than posing for a snap or five.

Policies muddied for Greens stuff nation

Environmental advocates say "dirty dairying" is the primary source of pollution in New Zealand's waterways. What can we ...

The current Green Party movement believes environmentalism and social justice go together, but why?

Greed, not taxes, will ruin NZ stuff nation

When the privileged belittle those who are struggling and tell them to work harder, it shows how ignorant they are.

Go ahead, complain about how hard done by you are. I'd rather be on the side of the people who give a damn.

Three decades of dogs stuff nation

Pierre cuddles up with our son Sam who is now 18-years-old

After farewelling four sheepdogs in 35 years we wondered if all the grief was worth it. Then along came Ted.

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Missy the office dog stuff nation

A revolving office chair is the perfect size for a a Jack Russell to chill out and relax.

Surely every office in New Zealand would benefit from the addition of a doggo?

Why I learned te reo Māori stuff nation

We want to hear your stories of what te reo means to you.

Your diversity in business questions stuff nation

Breaking the cycle of mutual neglect stuff nation

Kids and career: Your experience

If I can do it, so can Jacinda stuff nation

Yes, before you ask, balancing motherhood with a full-on job is a challenge. And?

It is possible to have a high pressure job and be a mother - I'm living proof. So stop with the questions.

Don't assume I want a baby stuff nation

Yes, I'm married and in my 30s, but not everyone wants children. And even if I did, why should this matter to my employer?

All my excitement was shattered by the thought of having to tell my new bosses.

Shamed for being pregnant stuff nation

A co-worker shoved the back of my chair, pushing my stomach into my desk. I held back the tears, how could someone be so nasty?

How has cannabis affected your life?

I vote we legalise weed stuff nation

The biggest issue I have with the current state of cannabis legalisation is the absence in the freedom to choose.

If I am old enough to drink, gamble, or even apply for a firearms license, I am old enough to decide what I want to do in my spare time.

Cannabis: A Dutch opinion stuff nation

You can stick your head in the sand or you can encourage drug users to use safely.

Arguments for legalisation imply cannabis is harmless and legalisation is beneficial. Both assumptions are incorrect.

Why NZ shouldn't legalise cannabis stuff nation

Arguments for legalisation imply cannabis is harmless and legalisation is beneficial. Both assumptions are incorrect.

wedding of the week

Introducing Katie and Andy

A magical wedding for a magical couple.

The sweetest proposal, a magical wedding and honeymoon in the Maldives - this couple made us swoon.

Introducing Nash and Peter

Greek dancing, a 3D projection mapped cake and the bride's two couture wedding dresses made this wedding epic.

A magical wedding for a beautiful couple.

Introducing Rhiannon & Kelvin

A drop-dead gorgeous dress and a magical venue, this couple celebrated their love in the most fashionable way.

Living with an invisible illness

Endometriosis: I wasn't believed


I spent years living with debilitating pain, but doctors said it was all in my head.

Searching for answers in the medical wilderness

On the day I was visited by the neurologist, I was neither surprised nor distressed. I was relieved.

Stock Photo - man looks at beautiful woman with head in the box on the couch Image ID : 17765981
approach, bashfulness, ...

Broken on the inside

Behind the perfect hair and nice house, I hide a personal secret - and it's exhausting.

Pet of the Day

Our playful boy, Robbie


Meet Robbie, he is a Sydney silky bichon frise cross.

Diggity-dog Kano

Little Kano partakes in all the usual puppy pastimes, but he's something of an expert at gardening.

Pugg Diddy

Pugg Diddy, aspiring rapper dog

Our adorable 1-year-old pug is an aspiring rapper.

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