Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:50 06/06/2014

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Every day our reader comments manage to make us laugh, cringe and, most importantly, consider the issues that Kiwis are taking to heart, in a different light.

We thought it was time to start sharing some of the gems with you, in our new reader comments of the day.

We love hearing from you, so keep them coming.

1. joshsuxxxx on this story about a Christchurch man who chooses to live in his van instead of paying "ridiculous rents":

"I'm a CHCH landlord by default, simply by leaving the city and my house when I moved. Not all of us are out to make a profit off CHCH residents. I have a warm, dry house in the East with all repairs done and double glazing on the way. It's nice to know I have helped a good family stay safe and comfortable. I cover my mortgage and rates and that's it. I'm sure there's more of us out there. I love CHCH, I love my home, and that won't change for a couple hundred bucks extra."

2. Terry Harris on the latest in the John Banks court saga:

"As my old Grandpa used to say: 'Politicians are just like nappies: they should be changed regularly and for the same reason'."

3. Cptn Oblivious on Irene van Dyk's retirement from netball: 

"Absolute legend. Many thanks for being the greatest to have graced the court. You will be missed, now go on and have an even greater life with your loved ones.

Thank you as well to her family for the endless hours and sacrifices made so that she could do what she has done for all the teams she has played for."

4. bobbi01 on the newly revealed speed camera sites:

"Crash hot spots? Try CASH hotspots!!"

5. JaneFerrier on a father's plea for a hysterectomy for his severely intellectually disabled daughter:

"Thank you Stephen for writing such an honest and caring blog. In the past I have worked with people with a range of intellectual challenges over a number of years. Without that experience I would struggle to fully appreciate the tenderness and affection that belies your request for this [undoubtedly] invasive procedure for your daughter. People such as her are the most vulnerable in our society, they need their own set of guidelines to ensure their safety and - to the greatest extent possible - their enjoyment of life. The situation you have described clearly outlines what the needs of your daughter are and how the current health system is failing to meet them. I would imagine that your decision to pursue this course of treatment for your daughter was not taken lightly and I can only applaud your courage in deciding to share it in a public forum. Kia kaha, kia kaha."

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