Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 15:00 09/06/2014

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Each weekday afternoon, we bring you our favourite reader comments of the day.

Today's best comments include sage advice on everything from party policy and marriage, to using the word Pakeha.

1. Many of you had a lot to say about The Civilian Party today. Two of our favourite comments came on today's story caling the party "a joke on taxpayers":

MadManMo: "I'm not so keen on their "Free ice cream" policy. Some people are lactose intolerant and it would give them bad gas, which would make it unpleasant for the rest of us. But who could object to the "Free llamas for poor kids" policy? An absolute stroke of genius. It would provide cheap transportation for the children while, at the same time, encouraging them to get fresh air and develop empathy for real critters rather than just the ones they see on TV. And the llamas could teach the kids vital life skills like spitting and biting. A win-win situation for all."

2. Writer's-Block: 

"Perhaps for the joke parties the funding distribution should be done of the basis of Twitter followers: Civilian Party 8,269 Labour Party 7,414 Conservatives 1,595 Act (ing up again) 1,476."

3. paul c with some sound advice on The secret to a 65-year-marriage:

"After a few years, our marriage was boring, until we found a great wine bar/cafe. A great meal and a bottle of wine followed by a night of intense passionate lovemaking in the nearest motel.

"I go Thursdays, she goes Mondays."

4. LadiJi with some strong words on the use of 'Pakeha' in this story:

"Please educate yourself on the etymology of words before you start marinating in your own unfounded anger. Honky is a word predominantly used in the US, it is not a comparable analogy to the use of the word Pakeha. If someone calls you, I dunno, a "banana" as a slur, do you then go around saying "NO ONE USE THE WORD BANANA ITS DEROGATORY".

"People use words however they like and attach a variety of meaning. The use of the word Pakeha in this article, and its use in much of everyday life, is not derogatory. There is no evidence that the word itself has any derogatory meaning. You're allowed to get offended by whatever you like, but just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right.

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5. The Realist had some ground-breaking advice on how to stop ticket scalping:

"The solution is so ridiculously simple. Brace yourselves people, logic incoming: *Do not allow people to re-sell tickets for more than the original value.* That's it! Voila! Problem solved! Scalping industry disappears overnight and poor Jimmy who broke his leg the week before the concert can still recoup his investment."

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