Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:53 10/06/2014
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SEXIST OR DELICIOUS? Cristiano Ronaldo. Again. Just because.

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Each weekday afternoon, we bring you our favourite reader comments of the day.

Today's best comments call out airlines, social media haters, and us (sort of).

1. Dr Llortcipe El highlights why it's imperative that grammar and punctuation don't die:

"Why attempt to preserve the purpose of grammar & punctuation? Answer: Because helping your uncle jack off a horse can either lead to an arrest or a thanking gesture from said Uncle... Or both, depending on the Uncle.."


2. ...Louise... on our delectable gallery of the 12 hottest footballers of the 2014 World Cup:

"I am pretty sure that this is sexist and degrading for men. However before I can confirm that this is so, can you please put up more topless pictures of Ronaldo and Llorente just so I can be sure."


3. Get_at_me asked airlines to take some responsibility for why passengers are increasingly disgruntled

"As a frequent flyer I have also observed an increase in disgruntled passengers in the past few years. I think that the airline industry also needs to take some ownership of this issue. The increases in bad behaviour on flights coincide with airlines trying to increase their profits by cramming seating, charging for everything, long cues at many points of the airport process -from check-in to immigration, to boarding.

"Then once on the plane, there is a battle for overhead luggage space and a battle for seat space. For some airlines, the crew themselves can compound the problem with bad service and attitude, and maybe a lack of understanding/empathy for what a passenger may have gone through just to get to the point of being seated on the plane.

"In no way do I condone bad behaviour, and I accept that this is now part of travelling. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to minimise their stress levels during travel. However, airlines should not be surprised with increased numbers of disgruntled passengers as they try to move as many people in the smallest amount of space possible." 


4. AdrianW paid tribute to Rik Mayall, who died, age 56:

"The Young Ones was the only show that would get us out of the pub on a Friday night and home in time to watch it. It was better than beer, there, I said it."


5. theDan says social media is not the enemy, in response to this article on cutting back on Facebook:

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"Load of rubbish. Social media hasn't suddenly meant we're missing all the world around us - this same alarmist stuff was said when televisions first became common in people's homes.

"I frequently use social media but still keep up all my other hobbies and interests like fishing, watching sport with my mates, spending time with my kids. Social media is here to stay and will simply continue to evolve and change as part of modern society."

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