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Last updated 17:47 11/06/2014

Angus Pauley poses on the High Street Bridge in Blenheim, where he rescued a girl from being swept away.

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Today's best comments ask the Anglican church to address Christchurch's housing crisis, praise a Marlborough teen hero, and predict the impending doom of our Auckland staff.

1. happymum commented on this story of a Christchurch mum who has spent six months in a leaky caravan, and says we need to put kids first.

"With good people needing homes money should be directed to home them. Govt should stop leaving people's lives to the forces of the market and fill the gap, either by temporarily increasing the rental allowance so single parents and old age pensioners can compete or purchasing more stock. If there is a surplus the Govt should go into debt, and I say that as a high tax paying citizen.

"Also I would have guessed that the Anglican church could fill a need here, were they not so distracted by idiots trying to save a building that would cost millions to restore - pretty sure the children above are more important than a building, I'd like to think any child was."

2. ElvisLives reminds us of some of classic alcohol myths:

"No one has mentioned the 'Beer Coat' affect. This is one's ability to walk home after three (or more) pints of high strength lager in freezing temperatures, and not feel the slightest bit cold, even if you are wearing a mini skirt and tube top.

"There's also the 'Worm Hole' effect whereupon the drinker can get a kebab, walk approximately 300 kilometres to his or her domicile and the kebab will still be warm enough to eat...or dribble all over your front while you pass out on the sofa."

3. After one of the windows in Stuff's Auckland office blew in during last night's storm, User9734 wonders how safe our beloved editors up there are:

"I feel sorry for you Stuff, that office looks terrible. I hope you guys never have a earthquake, that building will be down sooo fast."

4. SPairaudeau commends the efforts of Marlborough teen Angus Pauley, who saved a girl from a flooded river:

"Well done Angus. My two eldest sons saved a boy from drowning at the beach when they were teens, and I thought I could lose them both as they battled huge surf, in and out of sight. So I know how relieved your folks must be that everyone is alive. 

"The world needs you to be alive, Angus. And also because you remind us of all the great teenagers we have in NZ."

5. Kodiac2 points out the commercial benefits of Dan Carter 'itching' to get back on field:

"Bet his hair shampoo & Heat Pump advertisers will be pleased."

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