Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 15:31 12/06/2014
Top 10: World Cup Wags

SARA CARBONERO: The Spanish sports journalist and partner of Spanish footballer Iker Casillas, was one of our 11 hottest World Cup WAGs.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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Hot football WAGs, airline fares and mortgage rates got our readers talking today.

Here are our picks for the best five comments:

1. Some readers questioned our decision to feature the 11 hottest World Cup WAGs. Baron3 had some words for one in particular:

"Kiwifella goes to a bookshop. He sees an ad for pencils outside. He walks directly to the stationery section. He stares for a while at the pencils. He begins fuming. He grabs a pencil and storms over to the checkout. He angrily slams the pencil down on the counter. "This isn't a book!"."

2. Heisenberger on today's annoucement that mortgage rates are increasing after the latest official cash rate rise:

"This system is a total scam.

"In 1968 my father bought a $6,000 house and paid it off with money he earned from 2 seasons at the freezing works.

"The house was sold 30 years later for $270,000.

"Could you make $270,000 working 2 seasons at the freezing works?

"Now you are saddled up for quarter of a century at least, paying off an overpriced property.

"You won't have much left over for 3 children,vehicles,holidays and a crib/batch at the beach.

"Your butter is now $4 and cheese $10 in a country where you can no longer swim in the rivers because they are a greeny brown colour from all the cow poo flowing in them.

"Is this progress?"

3. 430 wrote this lovely sentiment on this story about finding a match based on photos of your ex:

"As a male I agree 100% to the commonly held theory that we are attracted to certain "types". The "type" that I am attracted to is a gentle, kind, intelligent, affectionate and vibrant woman."

4. Brooke McKenzie on the log burner ban in Christchurch:

"It is a basic human right to be warm. So we have a few smoggy nights per winter. So what. No one can rely on electrical supply and as a monopoly families will still be cold as they can't afford to pay for it. Electricity supply invariably fails when there are severe cold storms. Give the two finger salute to these officious people and if fined refuse to pay it. I would also suggest more health issues are created from cold damp houses than from a few smoggy night." 

5. There was a lot of gnashing of keyboard teeth around Air NZ's new seat-only fares, and ramyon had this to say:

"If air tickets were free there would still be some people complaining. I think Air NZ offers really good fares considering it's very dominant market position." 

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