Top 10 reader comments: streaker edition

Last updated 15:08 16/06/2014

BIG HIT: This tackle on a streaker during Saturday's All Blacks caused a comment storm online today.

Big hit on streaker

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This big tackle on a streaker at Saturday's All Blacks match was a smash hit among our commenters today, with more than 700 posted.

It was a comment storm like we haven't seen in a while at Stuff, and worthy of a top 10 best readers comments all of its own:

10. Joeykarat:

"Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes."

9. CHL:

"So he should have gone up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and said " Excuse me but would you kindly leave the playing area and go and put some clothes on before you catch your death of cold. There is a good chap thank you so much.' Get over it"

8. Stuff_Surfer:

"Looks like the Streaker got the attention he wanted and became a SMASH HIT!"

7. enigma:

"Let me guess, if the streaker had stubbed his toe we would demand that the stadium be held accountable."

6. Jens:

"The longer this conversation goes on for - the more we glorify the act of streaking. No matter what side you're on."

5. Teddy:

"What's the problem? The streaker wanted to experience being on the field during a test match and the security guard simply added a bit of dimension to his experience. Besides, any streaker worth his salt knows you need to be on the fly, not casually strolling."

4. smittycent:

"If you jump the fence at the junkyard, expect the junkyard dog! If you play up at the airport, expect the man with the rubber glove! And if you streak at an international rugby game, expect the big security guard!"

3. fatalbert:

"If he wanted to play with the big boys, he should have had his big boy undies on!"

2. Yogi bear:

"When the egg comes out of the fridge it's liable to get cracked! Personally I think the security guard should have been awarded man of the match."

1. morrishnz:

"I think everybody is missing the point here, its good to see Canterbury has another hard hitting no.8 in its squad."





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