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Last updated 14:30 17/06/2014

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In today's best comment selection, readers fired up about everything from the laws of mother nature and teenage hormones to those nasty folk who love to give away TV spoilers...

1. From the Captain Obvious files, commenter JeremyC came up with this beauty on a story about Alaska's earthquake storm leaving scientists puzzled.

"I blame movement of the tectonic plates"

2. Baytrey1 thinks research that says boys do better at single-sex schools has got it all wrong, and that the fairer sex offers a bit of balance on the hormone count.

"I found this to be the opposite, with all boys schools being a testosterone fuelled nightmare, with boys scrapping all day, classroom disruptions constantly, and no work getting done. A co-ed school has the benefit of the boys being more relaxed with a feminine presence, and it just seemed a lot calmer learning environment in general, allowing students to flourish in a classroom environment. From personal experience anyway."

3. KurodaTakashi's comment summed up numerous similar sentiments along the lines of "Show me the money!" - or more to the point "Show me the TV shows I want, and I'll give you money..."

"I'd gladly pay a monthly subscription to have access to Netflix/HBO app on my iPad! Give me the option, I'll give you my money."

4. There's nothing quite like a good 'caption this' competition, and Stuff readers reveled in the chance to poke fun at Kim Jong Un.

PiotrJasica nailed the deadpan pic of North Korea's Supreme Leader poking himself out the top of a submarine with this one-liner:

"All excited, Kim Jong Un fronts up for the America's Cup challenge."

5.  Again on the TV theme, Mark Chiddicks says what we all really think... until, that is, we are the ones we fall behind in a series and get the plotlines spoiled.

"Its not a spoiler - the show was transmitted yesterday. Spoilers are plot points revealed BEFORE transmission, this is just a discussion about the past."

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