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Last updated 14:40 19/06/2014
FIRE IN THE HOLE: A 500-pound bomb explodes on target at the Kaipara Air weapons range, in this shot taken in 2004.
FIRE IN THE HOLE: Bomb tests at Kaipara Range had Aucklanders speculating whether the end was nigh.

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The big bang theory in Auckland has been solved, and the country can sleep well tonight. 

While it's great to know the real reason behind the mystery explosions that rattled the city, we think our commenters had some much more amusing ideas.

The best two have made it into our reader comments of the day, alongside some musings on football dives, chopsticks, and beauty pageants:

5. The diving debate at the World Cup has got football fans in a fizz, but Kiwionthecoast asks whether players are the ones to blame:

"In my opinion, if the ref can't see blatant over-acting for what it is then the blame is squarely on the official. Milking penalties is nothing new in any sport, if that's what it takes to win then why not? A clear example of how video referees should be utilised, I wonder how many international games were won through diving before the age of live broadcasts exposed this behaviour to the masses?"

4. In a slightly less internationally fraught debate, Bob The Troll was in the 'for' camp for why mastering the chopstick is a handy skill in modern life:

"Chopsticks - great at getting valuable things out of narrow slots where children have placed them (think tv remote in VCR tape slot). While you won't own a VCR, there will be many other small spaces for Little Shrimpy Pants can hide your cellphone. Best keep your chopstick skills honed."

3. Rageykiwi shared a very real and personal insight into the cycle of family violence in New Zealand: 

"I became a perpetrator of physical violence. Its a cycle. My parents bashed me & back then the schools i attended caned and strapped me because of late assignments and forgetting P.E gear, smoking in school uniform.

"I wasn't the only one but I was subjected to physical violence at home and at school & i went off the rails.

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Parents kicked all the kids out of the home and sold it. I was left with my sister, she did an ok job bringing me up but I was angry right through life.

"I went to jail. 23 years on I could right a book on the problems with this country. Jake the Muss is very much alive and Uncle Bully is also very active in this country.

"Abuse, whether it's child or partner abuse is a learned behaviour from your surroundings and from family life. It's a cycle. Many agencies exist today but need to hit it at the source. Families carry generations of learned behaviour.

"Also throwing children around to foster homes doesn't work either. I also believe CYFS needs to be overhauled.

"I am lucky I have a 22-year-old daughter and married, but I still feel anger of the past. Thank heavens for anger management and child parenting courses."

2. duckduck_girl had some smart things to say about our less-than-smart, brain fart top five beauty pageant fails:

"Isn't it that society puts so much pressure on these women to maintain and think about their looks, and emphasises feminine aesthetics over education and intellect to the point that they can't strive to try to think about where the um, education comes from in Iraq and how you know, women should work harder and that way they will get more pay?"

1. There were many creative (and conspiracy-related) suggestions for what was behind Auckland's big bangs last night (turns out it was the Defence Force testing explosives), but these two :

capcomnz: "Dont worry.....just the sound of Labours ratings plummeting to the ground !!"

Bh212: "Auckland's real estate bubble bursting?"

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