Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:56 20/06/2014
The week's best & worst dressed

LORDE: Maybe if she was royal she'd have a stylist.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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Lorde's a lamb to the slaughter, while Steven Hansen's no ruling rooster, in today's top five reader comments.

5. Thanks to AlienHealer for pointing out that our weekend weather forecast is about par for the course:

"So basically we can expect winter weather."

4. Today's story on smoking areas in restaurants being not as smokefree as first hoped, got some commenters debating the lesser of two evils. 

raseykasey: "Hey I've got an idea, lets ban smoking from outside restaurants so more people can enjoy eating more... I'm sure that will help the country... Isn't it ironic that while the smoking percentage gets less, the obesity percentage gets higher!!!"

3. This fine US felon is getting more heat from the ladies than the cops, and his fan club seems to have extended to our shores:

deebee: "He could use those eyes to laser through his prison's walls, or at least his lips to slide through his cell bars. What a waste - let's hope he finds some loving arms on the inside..."

2. All Blacks coach Steve Hansen laid down this not-so-subtle challenge to England for the third test this weekend, but tc111 reminds us that cockiness has never been a friend of the ABs:

"Mr Hansen, you only won by one point and you think you rule the roost, not bad for a side that has only played one test together. I would be a little less handing out the challenges if I was you."

1. Kiwi queen of anti-mainstream style, Lorde, found herself on this week's worst dressed list, but JG123 says it's not her fault:

"I actually feel sorry for Lorde - I think she's been badly managed and represented. Everyone grumbles about record execs 'grooming' their recording artists into bland perfection ... BUT .. to chuck a 16 year-old into the international spotlight without an extremely bossy stylist, a personal trainer, and a dance coach, is like throwing a baby to the wolves."

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