Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:40 24/06/2014
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

PACIFIC QUAKES: The shakes that inspired today's top comment.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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Today's top comments range from marine lifestyles to personal responsibility and tolerance, but it's a ghost quake that had the biggest impact.

On to the top five:

5. Callum doesn't make any secret of his political leanings when it comes to oil drilling, but his image of domestic dolphins is fantastic. 

''"Not a single dolphin sighted anywhere near the oil drilling." Brilliant. And furthermore dolphins like to stay in mainly don't they. They're homely creatures that prefer being sat next to the fire with a nice cup of tea than roaming round the oceans. My word, I know the sway of public opinion is apparently against me here, but this has to be the stupidest greediest government New Zealand has ever had.'' 

4. pawful applauds another reader who has quit drinking, saying our habits could use a closer look. 

''this a well written point of view and likely to be an inspiration for many people. I really despair at the amount of alcohol most people drink, without realising that it's a problem just because so many are doing the same. The more people who stop, the more people who will realise that the "normal" way of drinking is harmful.''

3. On our story about asexuality, Nynaeve suggests we take the long view of different sexual (or otherwise) orientations. 

''And 30 years ago, people would have written the same thing about homosexuality; as a problem/condition to be treated and "fixed". I think it's sad that, instead of listening and accepting these people, we'd rather tell them they have a dysfunction. Yes, if you're a sexual person it may be incredibly difficult to even conceive of not being one, but sexuality and the human capacity to experience it are myriad. We have (thankfully) begun to move away from rigid gender binaries and automatically assuming heterosexuality as the absolute default, but these things are complex and we shouldn't jump to conclusions justbecause we ourselves have trouble empathising or understanding. Believe me, when you're 25 and everyone is out having sex, dating etc, it's a lonely and baffling enough road without having someone tell you to see a therapist because the way you feel is not the "right" way that humans are supposed to feel.''

2. kierant1's take on Dan Carter's salary and career draws an interesting comparison with another essential profession. It's about value for money. 

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''If Carter is still being paid the salary of an international player of his calibre (which I imagine is in the hundreds of thousands) then he should be playing at the level of his pay scale. It's not about the emotional feelings of the clubs to be fair. If we are paying him big, we should be playing him big. If a teacher goes on a sabbatical, when he/she comes back, we expect them to get right back to teaching, not shuffling papers. If it doesn't work out just delegate him and cut the pay. Simple stuff.''

1. globalparochial's comment on our story about this morning's earthquakes around the Pacific is a clear winner, with over a hundred thumbs ups and several requests for some sort of prize. It gets the best reward of all: the honour of victory. 

''You know we can't feel your ghost quakes.''

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