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Last updated 14:38 26/06/2014
SURPRISE: It's New Zealand's Next Top Models!

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Our commenters dished out back-handed compliments, earthquake wit and some mind-bending time travel insights in today's top five reader comments:

5. We've taken this comment on our new Beehive Live blog as a compliment, because really, it depends on the dairy, right?

Hoots Man:

"You guys & gals have more scoops than the ice cream boxes in the Dairy down the road from the State School."

4. A new biography on Prime Minister John Key has already received mixed reviews from our commenters, and tito34 tried to bring the focus back to the bigger picture: 

"So are we having a New Zealand's next top model contest in September then? Don't we love to see good entertainment? Who is being sent home on the next "The Voice"? Who is winning the next game between the All Blacks and England? Who is our next PM, Cunliffe or Key?

"Who cares about the detail that some answers of those question matter and some don't. Poor NZ."

3. This morning's 4.9 quake in Eketahuna left us shaking with laughter after this comment from zoid155052:

"On Skype to Mum in Ireland. She was gossiping at 100 mph and I had to tell her to stop for a second until the shaking stopped. "Having a quake Mum". "What's that Son, you're having a cake? Jesus bit early for that isnt it"!"

2. And wit kept rolling in faster than aftershocks with this from kram:

"I notice Pahiatua doesnt rate a mention on the map. The jolt freaked the cat out but I continued stirring the porridge indifferent to the carnage unfolding around me."

1. Minds. Blown. HammerPants:

"When you travel back in time, you create an entirely new universe and therefore the changes to the timeline only impact the new universe and not the one you left. Therefore any paradox is redundant. I know this because I'm a time traveller sent back in time to prevent the rise of the apes. I stuffed up and now there's 7 billion of them."

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