Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:45 27/06/2014
Jon Snow.

BROTHERS IN HAIR: Lucan Battison and Kit Harrington.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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Reader comments make us happiest when they contain two things: a mocking undertone, and Game of Thrones references.

But that's not all our commenters served up today.

Behold, today's top five:

5. Today's High Court win for Hastings teenager Lucan Battison, who was suspended from school for not cutting his hair, had fingers nationwide in a frenzied state of commenting. We loved this from Michael, in response to a slightly-less eloquent comment:

"I think it's better to teach them to think for themselves and look critically at the reasons behind the rules. You for example have chosen not to follow the grammatical rules surrounding apostrophes and I respect that. I was able to read your comment perfectly well without them. Similarly, perhaps male students can get a perfectly good education with long hair; girls have been doing it for ages!"

4. Meanwhile, if Lucan thought he had it bad, he should spare a thought for Jon Snow, who has bigger first world problems than just not knowing nothing:

"Meanwhile, Kit Harington (who plays Jon Snow in GoT), isn't allowed to cut his hair at all."

3. This comment from BreenWhitman on an Environment Court declaration that pivot irrigators on farms be classed as vehicles made for delightful fun-on-the-farm imagery:

"I fitted mags to my pivot irrigator and lowered it. Stiffer suspension. Handles great now."

2. The decision of two Labour MPs to cross the floor to vote in support of a bill allowing the recovery of native timber felled in a cyclone caused a bit of rucus in the political halls. MichaelWillems had this to say about it:

"I don't know what's more surprising. MP's thinking about their electorates and doing something about it or having to cross the floor in order to get something done."

1. Jokes aside, we love it when our readers share their personal experiences on the bigger issues facing New Zealand, like this one from nigelm, on today's revelations on bowel cancer scheme staff shortages:

"I have lost family members to this cancer, trust me it's not nice. We spend how much to reduce the road toll that kills what, 300ish people per year? Breast cancer kills 650 per year. Compared to 1,200 that die every year from this cancer. Wake up NZ, before this hits you or someone you love."

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