Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 15:00 30/06/2014
Todd Carney
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TODD CARNEY: Despite what one commenter suggested, the only thing stinging Todd Carney was the shame of a certain picture going public.

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Batter down the hatchets people, today's best reader comments nearly blew us away.

5. On our Diets have never worked story, nogyong shares a bit of personal inspiration and advice for those of us struggling on the cuddly side of weight:

"I was overweight for about 15 years but I've been in amazing shape for the last year. I count calories using myfitnesspal and I lift weights. I have a high-protein diet. In terms of carbs, I eat rice, potato, kumara and fruit but you'll rarely ever see me eat bread, cake, biscuits, cereal, pasta or softdrink. Every now and then I eat icecream or drink alcohol - it's hard not to.

"I don't do cardio (though cardio is good for you). I am a huge fan of 'if it fits your macros' (IIFYM) AKA flexible dieting + lifting heavy as a sure-fire way to get yourself into amazing physical shape.

"If I could give only 3 bits of advice to weight-loss it would be i) take it slow; ii) keep it consistent i.e. make it a gradual life-time thing; and iii) track your progress. It's not that hard people."

4. A high-fiver with trotters for ChrisM1 with this comment on the NZ pork industry 'cannot be trusted' story:

"Ah, so this is where the expression "telling porky's" came from..."

3. A recently published study that manipulated Facebook News Feeds sparked outrage among users who were criticising the ethics behind the experiment. Researchers wanted to see if emotions in your newsfeed affected your mood. HoleInTheGround took that one step further:

"Maybe we are in for more outbreaks of the infamous laughing plagues of 16th century Europe and more recently Tanzania 1962, but spread much wider and faster via Facebook type social media."

2. It's fair to say that plenty of comments on the Todd Carney story headed straight for the rejection pile, but we don't blame you, commenters, there's really not much you can say above board when a man gets fired for appearing to be urinate towards his own mouth. Get_at_me had this novel explanation for it:

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"He's not harming anyone. It's not against the law. Why is it such a big deal? Maybe he got stung by a jelly fish in the mouth?? Who are we to judge what he does to himself?"

1. On exhausting all possible 'winter is coming' opportunities on today's weather story, readers turned to another well-loved cliche for their daily lols after Blazinhard2008 posted: "Batter down the hatchets people."

Ian Dalziel: "Everyone has an axe to grind..."

Andi: "You never know. Maybe he just likes his weapons deep fried."

Toastypie: "You could use the hatchets to batter down the hatches maybe?"

geofft2: "I have deep-fried my axe. Awaiting further instructions."


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