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Last updated 14:56 02/07/2014
The gaffes continue in the quest to find Miss America 2014.
BYE BYE CROWN: Elizabeth Fechtel, pictured here as Miss University of Florida, has had her tiara taken away.

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Our readers tackled some big issues today, including bullying, sports role models, and references to The Princess Bride.

5. BuzzKill highlights that league isn't the only sport battling an off-field bad boy reputation:

"All sports have their image problems. Rugby Union has its share of women abusers, drunken assaults and even a murderer in Marc Cecillon. American sports are rife with poor off and on-field behaviour. Cricket has massive issues around match-fixing. We could go on and on. League often gets an unfair rap because it's an easy target."

4. Moata's blog this week on having a baby in intensive care struck a chord with a lot of readers, including DHerbie, who shared her experience:

"This post explains so wonderfully how horrible it feels to have to leave your baby in the care of others, and having your time with your wee one monitored so closely. How it feels to stand back and allow perfect strangers, well educated, well meaning, wonderful, good hearted people; but STRANGERS, to have more control over your baby's time than you do.

"My first time in NICU, my wee one, born at 32 weeks, weighed in at just 2'6 (1200grams), my second (and relatively less stressful visit to NICU) born at 35 weeks, weighed in at 3'11 (1700grams).

"The staff are WONDERFUL; but they're not family, they're not close friends, and they have to remain (I think for their own sanity) a little emotionally removed from the situation. It's an incredibly trying time for a new mum.

"Every mum I met in NICU felt the same sense of failure; that their bodies had betrayed them, and put their baby at risk. Add to that sense of failure, you are being constantly monitored (this isn't a bad thing, it's highly necessary) making you feel even more USELESS at being a mum. Then the fact that (usually) milk hasn't even thought about making an appearance yet; every mum I know who has been through this feels, (however briefly) like an utter failure as a woman.

"My most enduring memory (boys are now 13 & 11), is of an entire NICU ward of mums all on breast pumps at the same time chatting away amiably, when a father walked in... poor sod had no idea where to look. :P--."

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3. KFC's latest food debacle, which saw a young boy biting into a deep fried paper towel, gave us a lot of gross-out moments, and this comment from Bleu

"Ha! The most disturbing thing about this article is that KFC referred to their worker as the "cook"!!"

2. The amount of whoopsies coming about of this year's Miss America pageant are worthy of the next Miss Congeniality movie (please God no) and the gaffes kept on rolling today with the wrong Miss Florida being crowded after a vote-counting error:

pcme said: "A vote counting error in Florida? Inconceivable!"

To which Elle replied: "Oh, please let me be the first to say it...You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

1. We had a lovely story today on a bullied Lower Hutt teen who is heading to Google with his animated anti-bullying video, and Ruz had this to say about the issue, on our related bullying assignment:

"Jesse, I am pleased that you have told your story. Because without it many of us would not even be aware that on a daily basis others like you are currently going through the same ordeals. New Zealand needs to stamp out bullying everywhere but especially in schools where students should expect to feel safe. I am know that bullies have their problems but maybe a bit of public exposure to these individuals would be a good place to start so that they can experience the humiliation wrought on others. A drastic solution perhaps."

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