Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:30 03/07/2014
Dan Carter
HE'S BACK: Dan Carter returns to the Crusaders starting XV this weekend.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments - moa edition Top five reader comments of the day

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Today's top comments are a noisey, nosy bunch, loud from the song of backseat drivers, full of praise for the final payment, agitated by baby's need and stoic in support by the one-eyed.

Here's the best of what you had to say on the issues of today:

5. Breastfeeding in public caused a stir at a Hamilton food court when a cleaner had words with the mother. It may not be to everyone's taste, but p4pirate found some irony in the cleaner making a meal of the situation:

'''We have parents feeding their kids cheeseburgers and coke, but a woman cannot feed her baby breast milk,' said Walker. Nicely put and I know which of the two should be outlawed. People need to stand up for their rights and in this case I would rather be surrounded by women breastfeeding than kids high on coke and lard burgers.''

4. Technology in cars is a marvellous thing, especially when a marque-like Lexus unveils plans to let drivers customise their engine noise by downloading sounds of their choosing to play through speakers masking the genuine noise. Mick Smith would rather the car companies would focus on efficiencies:

''I'll stick to the music the big bore exhaust on my V8 plays, thanks - although if they find a way to reduce its horrendous fuel consumption around town (18L/100km), count me in!''

3. While many struggle with their student loans and we all grapple with the appropriate apportioning of education costs, it's nice to pause for a moment and recognise those who succeed in the heavily scrutinised system. Good job Cheeky pepe:

''Well I'm VERY proud to say that as of last week I made the FINAL payment of my $27k student loan. I'm RAPT!!! Nothing more worthwhile than achieving your qualifcation AND then paying it off. I've always thought myself very fortunate to live in a country that will support you while you educate yourself. I'm happy to accept a student loan and equally as happy to pay it off :)''

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2. Back to car noise technology and there's just one thing Ivan would like to see:

''The only sound that I would like to get rid of is the sound of a bunch of non stop screaming kids and the adult constantly telling them off for doing it. Maybe if they could invent a nice little electric shock that could put them all to sleep for duration of the trip would be nice. Same goes for back seat drivers.''

1. Everyone's got their bias, and where Cantabrians and the return of Dan Carter, Kieran Read, Israel Dagg and Nemani Nadolo to the Crusaders is concerned, there's only one view - as shared by Jordan S:

''Now that looks a much better team than last weeks. Go crusaders!''

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