Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:49 07/07/2014
Lee Majors

MAN FANTASY: Everyone once wanted to be Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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It's a man's world in Stuff comments today with the good, the bad and the ugly of manhood explored.

Inspirational comebacks from great adversity, coping with the changing roles of women and settling the score on the footy field all feature in today's top five comments of the day:

5. Blair Marriott became a kind of bionic man after a motorcycle crash required he have surgery. It's a remarkable story of survival and one ArthurOrd-Hulme was amazed by:

''An inspiring and positive outlook on life. And an amazing bit of medical technology ... the "Six Million Dollar Man" (showing my age there) gets nearer to reality every year.''

4. It's not easy being a man was the message from piperj, writing in response to an article about the rise of the man-child:

''Ha ha: 'With the rise of feminism, there is a great deal of expectation on men in this generation and I don't think they know what to do to satisfy the requirements of their partners.' That's because it is impossible to satisfy the requirements of woman any more. Everything we try we fail to a greater or lesser extent, and then they hold us accountable for it forever. No wonder more of us are foregoing the displeasure of constant criticism and disappointment.''

3. Perhaps what men need is a bit more of a natural glow to get over the problem? Maybe that'll work for Labour at this year's election, as Boris66 notes:

''Labour have adopted Suzanne Paul politics: 'But wait, there's more!'''

2. Men can take heart from being supreme on the rugby field, but it can't go the way of both teams, as Essex Kiwi points out of the Hurricanes' loss to the Chiefs at the weekend:

''A devastating back line laden with all blacks, 4 seasons of lessons learned and a really positive team culture, and The Canes need 'luck' to make the playoffs... says a lot really. Luck is what you need to win Lotto, making playoffs was entirely with in the gambit of the players and management, if they aren't the running out in a couple weeks in the playoffs then it really has nothing to do with luck!''

1. It might be too late for the men of today, but we can do a good job for the men of tomorrow by getting our education system right. For kmf, commenting on Labour's education policies, this starts in the home:

''What does 'Fund more teachers' mean? Make teacher training cheaper or free? I thought there was already a nation-wide shortage of teachers. There is a barrier to getting teachers in the first place. Also, why all this 'improve the quality of teachers' talk? From what I've seen of education systems in other developed-world countries, ours is actually really quite good. I think the problem with achievement is in the attitudes of the kids, and this comes from their home environments and our culture. If people valued an education more highly, they would strive for one more strongly. If kids don't give a stuff, no amount of good teaching will make them get an A.''

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