Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 15:03 08/07/2014

VARIED TASTES: If you don't like black jellybeans, there are plenty of other flavours.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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Sub committees, Gollum, camels, aniseed and armpits. It's time for the comments of the day. 

5. On The Press's Facebook post about the South Christchurch library, Chris Cameron had this prediction for how the repair process will go:

"I think the council should call a committee to discuss it at great length before not making the obvious decision to knock it over and build a new one since it is cheaper to do that instead of repairing. however this will only get to the sub committee stage at which point their will be a hold up due to some CERA thing or budget constraint and it will come back to the residents association to see what they want to do. By then 5 years will have passed and the whole argument will be moot by the new facility that has been built somewhere else that is less accessible but only 'temporary' while a formal decision is being made. Opps did I say that out loud. Shhh everything is fine move along."

4. BobFilter1 thinks this couple's worries might not be over yet, though they have their wedding ring back:

"Gollum will track them down to claim the precious."

3. Stories about climate change always attract some lively debate, and here Polymath takes an interesting angle on the idea that the planet will adjust itself:

"If my camel has fleas on it that carry a very harmful disease, would I do something about it, or just say "oh, its natural"?"

2. AsTheWormTurns added a hopeful slant to this reader report on a stressful misdiagnosis:

"Congratulations on your positive result! It's great you took the time to research for yourself and look past Wikipedia :) I just wanted to note that while Primary Biliary Cirrhosis is terminal it doesn't mean someone can't have a full and satisfying life. My MIL was diagnosed (correctly) with it 30years ago and too had to run the whole gamut of telling her young children "Mummy won't be around", she is still fighting it today and has better days than others but enjoys her life including her grandchildren. She is very well educated on the disease, is in contact with support forums online and has taken the lead for her healthcare. This won't be the same case for everyone, and I appreciate that, I just wanted to offer an alternative hope for a terminal diagnosis."

1. And finally, RED points out that other people's personal grooming habits don't have to be a big problem for the rest of us: 

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"I find armpit hair on females gross. I find aniseed gross. In both cases I don't care why. I just avoid contact with black jelly beans or hairy-pitted women as subtly as possible."

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