Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 15:00 09/07/2014

BRING ON THE BEAVER: He could have helped build a dam for Brazil to get over it.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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Germany's crushing defeat of Brazil in this morning's World Cup semi final saw the internet light up with sympathy, solidarity and scathing analysis, and our comment section was no exception.

Thankfully, football wasn't the only thing that happened today, so yet another privacy breach and more weather carnage round out today's top five reader comments.

5. Vodafone is at the centre of the latest privacy breach, and /b/ro wonders if privacy is really just child's play:

"How does this sort of thing ever happen in the first place... this reminds me of when I was a child and I my dad had given me the keys to his car and told me to go unlock it (in the car park whilst he got the trolley). I walked up to what I thought was our car and they key opened the door. Only when my father arrived did we realise we had unlocked someone else's car."

4. Those in the north who weren't watching the World Cup this morning were busy tying down their trampolines as wild weather whipped up some havoc. Tramps weren't the only thing that needed tying down...

vandammage: "When my husband left for work this morning his toupe blew off and he couldn't find it, it will be interesting to see his colleagues react to him showing up to work with no hair!"

To which Knocka replied:

"Oh dear - certainly weather to be "rugged up"..."

3. As New Zealanders, we can feel the pain of a crushed world cup dream better than anyone, and County draws that parallel:

"I think the Germans are more like the football equivalent of the All Blacks. They always play in a ruthless powerful way and have reached 13 World Cup semis. The current Brazil team is more like the French Rugby team and you can't be sure what is going to turn up."

2. S. Mind looks ahead to the future for sport in Brazil:

"I'm guessing a plan is in motion to move the Belo Horizonte stadium to Rio and use it as the Olympic torch in 2016."

1. But in the end, it always comes back to The Beaver:

Mutsuraboshi: "Where was Stephen Donaldo when Brazil needed him?"

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