Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:47 14/07/2014
wentworth miller

PRISON BREAK: Wentworth Miller didn't portray Charles Westmoreland, but he was the star for a reason.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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Today is planes, bodies and apologies in the world of Stuff comments. Read on for the top five contributions of the day. 

5. On our story about the Jersey Shore's JWoww revealing her baby's name, Miranda showed that ignorance can be bliss: 

"What is a Snooki?"

4. GNZ had this suggestion for a way for the Countdown staff member accused of racial profiling to make amends. Poetic justice, perhaps, considering the nature of the incident.

"Yes, how about she has to stand on a chair and read her apology over the intercom?"

3. The Coach should probably get in touch with the FBI, since he's solved this decades-old cold case (this makes more sense if you're a Prison Break fan). 

"Not true. Dan Cooper was seen again in tv's Prison Break using the pseudonym Charles Westmoreland."

2. Swingbladez could perhaps be a little more sympathetic to women's problems with body image, but he does well pointing out the diverse range of bodies that tend to be associated with different sporting codes. 

"A non issue to begin with. Men have ALWAYS understood the different body types associated with athletic roles. Feminists are wasting their time trying to apply the asinine emotional relationships women have to their bodies to men. We think differently about it and you have nothing to say on the matter. Its bad enough having to hear the constant neuroses about thigh gaps and photoshops from women, let alone having this illusion that men have the same issue. Men have incredibly diverse physique goals and multiple sets of terminology to explain it "skinnyfat" "ottermode" "bearmode" "curlbro mode". Buffed, ripped, weak, tanky, monster. Comicbook guy, a unit, stickman. Considering this guys role as "stand still and exert one high force action" his physique makes total sense. It is easier to maintain a higher bodyfat % and keep strength than to achieve a high power to weight ratio. As for the "men" trying to relate their couch potato booty to a massive strength athlete - keep kidding yourselves."

1. And finally, on our story about a plane stuck on the tarmac for five hours, fiesty22 had a conversation with herself that usually plays out between two or three commenters. Very efficient. 

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"Moan moan moan Why is this news? Why am I commenting Life's mysteries"

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