Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 14:43 16/07/2014
paul henry

HANDS OFF: Paul Henry.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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Espionage, treason, the Dark Side, the beauty industry and Paul Henry - today's top comments focus on evil in various forms. If it wasn’t dry July, we could all use a drink after this. 

5. trishs wonders what our source for an eyewitness account of the Arahura’s collision with the wharf might have to hide. We can only assume there’s some international intrigue going on:

""It was like looking at the Huka Falls... as the ship went back out again after hitting the wharf and churning up the water," said the witness, who requested anonymity. I love how they requested anonymity as if their quote was disclosing some top secret information that they could potentially be killed for."

4. With a downturn in beer drinking, Kiwi farmers are feeling the pinch. Knurdle thinks it would be pure evil not to sink a few pints and help out: 

"Well Auntie John key askes you all - have YOU done YOUR bit to help the cause? Remember our mottos 'loose lips sink drinks' and 'keep clam and drink up' during these dark days of unspeakable evil when our very way of life is threatened by dark forces of wine drinking. We will fight them in the hotels, in the bottle stores, on the byo's and whenever men of free will gather together in sizzled congregations to defend the kiwi way of life (and beat the Aussies at rugby). So get down to the pub right now and do your bit willingly for Godzone, St wahtshisnamehic and our barley farmers!!!"

3. We all know the most effective way to protest is with your wallet, and Anonymous has this suggestion for opting out of the cosmetic industry’s racket: 

"I use plain old baking soda as a facial scrub. Cheap, great exfoliant, leaves my skin feeling silky, and I can scrub my sink with it afterwards. Plus, I'm not giving my hard-earned cash to the evil "beauty" industry. Yay, baking soda!"

2. We don’t have any further evidence on this, so take it with a grain of salt, but Hawkeye Pierce has an explanation for the element of Star Wars that was always much more disturbing than Emperor Palpatine: 

"I've just read a book on George Lucas. Now, in Return of the Jedi, one of the ideas that was passed around was that Luke was going to search for his sister. But due to writing problems and time constraints, they couldn't do it, so they just had Leia become his sister." 

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1. And finally, it will surprise no one that much of our entertainment editor’s time today has been spent dealing with comments on Paul Henry. Always a conversation starter, even if he has no other redeeming features. Here are a few of the more considered responses: 

Glen Gordon says:

"He is about as funny as toothache! High School humour at best. It never amazes me how different we all are and that someone out there thinks it is funny. That is more curious than his attempt at levity. You can laugh at him if you like. I don't have to watch him and after giving him another chance will not watch him again."

Gypsey adds:

"Mike, reading some of the below comments, you must feel like saying 'I rest my case'. Demanding respect for women is like stirring a hornets nest. How refreshing to have a male taking a stand on sexism. Thank you. Why is basic respect for anyone considered PC? It used to be considered good manners. Regardless of sex or race."

S. Mind has this reminder of how Paul Henry's attempts to find an audience in Australia went: 

"Let's just take a moment to remember that Paul Henry was essentially rejected from the country that tolerates people like Kyle Sandilands and Alan Jones."

- Stuff


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