Top five reader comments of the day

Last updated 15:00 17/07/2014

IF YOU'RE LUCKY: Obviously not a Christchurch resident.

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Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day Top five reader comments of the day

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It can be a great challenge to figure out what we really want, and if the diversity of views presented in today's comments sections show anything, it's that we don't all want the same thing. Red zones, biscuits, coulds, woulds and shoulds - read on for today's comment gold. All part of the great tapestry of life. 

5. On the Dominion Post's story about the stuggles faced by councils in provincial New Zealand, Bruce points out that some progress and change is necessary if we want to hold onto what we love. 

"The regions have been ignored by a succession of governments over the last 20-years. The focus has been on encouraging the creation of a city of scale (Auckland) to the determinent of other areas across our landscape. But in truth Labour and National have not acted alone. As a nation the sentiments we have continue unabated. We don't want a tunnel. We don't want a new road. We don't want tourists. We don't want to spend to attract businesses to NZ with low company taxation. We don't want population growth. We don't immigration. We don't anything to happen. We don't want to mine, we don't want to cut trees. We don't want do anything, but we do want everything to stay just how we remembered it. But we hope the provinces flourish. Say what? There is a huge disconnect in all this." 

4. On a Stuff Nation piece about the pressure women feel to be conveniently coupled upASSumptions gives us a reminder that we can never really know another person's story. Very appropriate user name. 

"Dear men who have strong opinions about what it's like to be a single girl,

Looking at your comments I'm assuming you feel so strongly about this because you are:

a) a transgender man who has lived life as a single woman for a significant number of years.

OR b) a woman with a mans name.

Either way, I can't begin to understand how challenging living either of those lives must be, so I couldn't begin to pass judgement on your situation." 

3. Some Christchurch historic buildings are exempt from the fireplace ban, as  an open fire is "integral to the experience of visiting the building". Over on FacebookNellie Morris is feeling the cold. 

 "Well isn't that all grand??? I suppose freezing ones nuts and nipples off is integral to the experience for those not allowed to light their fires then?"

2. Scynic shared this story about the difference between New Zealand and the rest of the world on a Stuff Nation article about how good we have it here: 

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"Love your well rounded opinion of the place Tibor, and I couldn't agree more! I've lived here for the last 11 years now, and have to say after having just arrived back from a trip to the UK, I couldn't imagine living back there again instead of here. One thing that made me smile: when we arrived in England, it was all incredibly serious at the airport - "stand here sir, move there sir, arms like this sir" and so on (which is to be expected of course). However, when I got back to New Zealand and came through customs, the conversion with the customs officer went like this: Enormous mountain of a man: (on seeing me approach) "Uh oh, here comes trouble" Me: (smiling) "Hi" Enormous mountain of a man: "Have you got any bombs in your bag then?" Me: "No, just some biscuits" Enormous mountain of a man: "Are they any good?" Me: "Yes" Enormous mountain of a man: "Can I have some?" Me: "No" Enormous mountain of a man: "Bah. OK, on you go then" It was a nice 'welcome home'." 

1. Yesterday we had Paul Henry firing the comment section up, today it's Rosemary McLeodhlc48 responds to her assessment of how the survivors of crime should behave: 

"Sorry to hear that Tania Billingsley does not fit your ideal image of a victim. 

People react to trauma in a wide variety of ways. To try to dictate how they should react is revictimisation - as is your statement that "she gets in the way". 

We don't all fit the stereotype you clearly hold of how survivors of sexual assault "should" behave." 

- Stuff


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