Robin Williams: best reader tributes

Last updated 18:20 12/08/2014
Robin Williams
FAN FAVOURITE: Robin Williams was loved by fans and fellow actors around the world.

Robin Williams: Your memories

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Fans, comedians and actors around the world were today sharing their love and tributes for Academy Award winner Robin Williams, who died after an apparent suicide

Our readers left hundreds of comments to pay their respects to the comic and chameleon. Here are 10 of our favourites:

Conspiracyman: "Gone but never forgotten. The moments of laughter and joy he gave so many of us will live on through his craft and in our memories. Just too sad it ended this way. Such a brilliant and loveable character. Our heart goes out to his family and loved ones. He left an indelible mark on our lives through his wit and humour; rest in peace, oh Captain my Captain...JohnGAndersonI will remember Robin Williams by thinking through everyone I meet, giving due consideration to their state of mind, and looking for ways to promote their happiness just in case they are depressed and no one has noticed."

KJG4: "Will always remember watching his movies as a child and in my adult years. One man who could truly cheer me up no matter how down or grumpy I was. So many times when I have been down over the years I have lost myself in Neverland with him. So many times I have giggled uncontrollably watching him as Mrs Doubtfire. Such a massive loss. One thing we can all be thankful for is all of his amazing movies, making it possible for us to keep him alive forever onscreen. RIP Robin - I have no doubt the other side is full of crazy laughter as we all mourn your loss.
TimBrownHe was a great actor, comedian, and all-round entertainer. It's rare for an actor to make you cry in one film, and them have you roaring with laughter in the next. One of the very best, he will be missed. My sympathies to his family. "

greenlargecar: "What a legend he was. Testament to this is even on this comment blog not a negative word about him. Funniest guy i ever watched, spanning two generations and holding down serious acting roles as well. Incredible talant. Go well."

stevo76: "The world is truly a lesser place now with Robin's passing. He was the consumate showman. Humour was inherent in his being, his mind constantly looking for the funny side of any situation that he saw fit. Your persona and your work will live on, reminding us that life needn't be so serious and being an inspiration for those who follow in your craft and for everyday folk. Rest in the peace you obviously craved."

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BobbyM: "Sad to think that this is the only way to find peace within yourself Captain my Captain,A great talent that will be sorely missed but never forgotten as your movies are an everlasting shrine and reminder to us all of a great actor and a great comedian.RIP."

Richard Doherty: "A am saddened by the passing of this comedic icon; my wife says I don't have feelings but my eyes keep welling up with water when I think of the great things this man has contributed. 

"Who can forget Mork bursting on to our screens with the delicious Pam Dawber?

"Good morning Vietnam was a favourite. The Fisher King, What Dreams may Come, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting. It's a lengthy list and it's mostly class. "Good morning VietNam" remains a staple morning greeting.

"The world is a poorer place today but even then Robin ensure we would have a huge body of his work to cheer us up and on.

"We can only hope that the media driven sensationalism around his death peters out, for his family's sake and also because this is the least respect we can pay to a genius who gave us all so much.

"These damn eyes; they're doing it again..."

ChrisM: "Will be very much missed. His "Good Morning Vietnam" must surely be a classic film of the era. I guess that some people who express so much fun and laughter publicly have pent-up sadness within. His going is a tragedy."

Biker: "Bloody hell I LOVED that guy what a total shock,he was the most witty comedian I have ever been privileged to have seen.The world is a little sadder now without your spark. RIP Robin :("

MichaelOliver20: "Truly a talented and funny man, but so human at the same time. Have loved and enjoyed all his movies, and was lucky enough to see him live in CHCH a few years ago. Will truly him. R.I.P Robin."

Casperado: "It's clear that there'll be many tears but also many laughs. Man will there laughs and in time, they will predominate. I hope for those grieving most - friends, family, people of San Fran who meant a lot to him and who he meant a lot to, they find those laughs sooner rather than later. With Robin Williams, the laughs are never far behind..."


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