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Last updated 14:35 19/08/2014

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Our readers had their say on living in Warkworth, the All Blacks and prancercise this Tuesday. Some of their best comments:

5. It wouldn't be a reader comment of the day story without a political comment.

Steering away from the usual parochial banter from either side of the political spectrum was RayNelson, whose comment on the story about Student Volunteer Army kingpin Sam Johnson being revolted by politicswas heartening to read. 

"I think Johnson just spoke for the majority of normal NZ."

4. Our Let's Live In... series on New Zealand towns and suburbs always attracts a fair amount of reader comment. This week was Warkworth and seems to be bringing slightly less angst than previous places, such as the one on Stokes Valley.

However, one person who did not agree with Charlie Mitchell's assessment of Warkworth was UHP05, who wrote:

"Evash Lennerge is the only good thing to come out of Warkworth. Nuff said."

3. After the All Blacks' draw with the Wallabies last Saturday, former All Black Andrew Mehrtens said the Wallabies were a serious chance of winning the return fixture at Eden Park this weekend.

But chikwa was quick to dismiss Mehrts, saying the referee was to blame for New Zealand's poor performance, not any Australian superiority and the ABs would quickly bounce back to form.

"I respect you me [sic] mehrtens but your opinion is way off! The wallabies were effective mainly because of the ref. And even with the all blacks on the back foot they failed to capitalise. Even the Aussie commentator thought the all blacks were getting bad calls from the inconsistent pyper. This Saturday the all blacks will win with aplomb."

2. Our Life and Style team featured a story about sexercise today () but Ben_10 sent us into fits of laughter by asking people to Youtube the following. 

"I advise you not to youtube the term 'sexercise' you may die of laughter. Definitely do not youtube 'prancercise', that's even worse."

For those of you who have not seen the latter:. 

Not many people were overly enthused with us covering the outpouring of grief following the death of a Shortland Street character. 

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One person who got into the spirit of things was gooner-nz, who posted a hilarious tribute to former Shortland Street character Lionel Skeggins, who was feared drowned on the show although his body was never recovered.

"Lionel is not dead. He will come back one day. Hopefully he will turn up with Gina Rossi-Dodds. 

"Every night before Shortland Street is on I pray to my Lionel Shrine, made up from pictures of the hunk and a fist full of chest hair, in the hope that this will be the episode that he makes his triumphant return. He would run the Hospital Cafe far better than Murray. 

"I have a candle that burns in his honor [sic]. I lit it the day he went missing and has not stopped (apart from the few times it did stop, and the new candles I have had to light). While it keeps burning faith strong that one day he will come back. 

"Come back Lionel. You can be the true father of Grace's child the way it should have been."

2. 3. 4. 5. 

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